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    FNB Private client vs Private wealth

    Just applied for bond and was told that as long as you have any account with FNB (apparently it doesnt matter what type of account), you get the 0.25% off.
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    Telkom is shutting down copper, but there is good news

    Now is the time to get rid of telkom's monopoly. Switch to every other service provider. Their customer service is trash and their technicians leave so much to be desired
  3. N Legit??

    Yeah shot guys. I looked at their site too and they haven't even removed some of the default template html. Was just hoping maybe they were legit. Nice to dream lol. The sales agent contacted me and was like Amazon and DJI themselves have their prices sitting at 22k Minimum for the bundle...
  4. N Legit??

    Not sure if this is the right category. My apologies if it's not. Has anyone bought from before? Are they legit?? They have a drone I want to buy but I'm concerned coz it's quite expensive. The DJI Mavic Pro 2 Zoom is normally 25k and they have it for 16k...
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    NOOB'S GUIDE : Investments (esp. Retirement Annuities (RA)) for 2017

    So I was reading through this : Best Retirement Annuities (RA) for 2016 This thread gave me some idea of which companies to look at and stuff, BUT, it think it's more suited to those who are already...
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    Looking for a 360 degree action camera. Can anybody help me source one?

    Yo! I'm looking for a 360 degree camera like the Kodak PIXPRO SP360. But I can't seem to find anyone local that has it. *It is a camera that records 360 degrees at the same time...not a swivel or rotating camera. And it's mobile* I'm going to use it to record virtual reality videos. Please...