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    How to make pool pump smart

    Thought I would just add to this. On the weekend I replaced my old mechanical pool timer with a POW R2 and added a Sonoff Basic R3 for my pool light. All in all very easy. And I'm very happy with the result.
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    Recipe's for home made surface cleaners (Kitchen and Bathroom)

    For Ganite tops, I found windowleen to work the best.....
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    Non-compliant Sonoff Products

    And I work for a company that does Type approval/safety testing on household electronics and appliances. PM if any of you need something tested. We also assist with LOA applications at the NRCS.
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 3

    Any idea what the issue is with edge telecom in Pretoria east ? Line down since lastnight.....
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    Importing from China, NRCS

    Contact T.E.S.T Africa, on 012 3491145 or email Gerhard Holtzhausen on (for IEC60950 related items) or Sarel Mare' on (for IEC60335 related items), they will be able to assist with the relevant reports and declarations as well as any advice.
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    VPN and Showmax

    Nope. Had the same issue. Their support just said "Sorry we don't allow VPN". I had to disable VPN for the devices I wanted Showmax on.....Which has now dropped to 0 devices LOL
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    Help regarding ISP's on Edge Telecoms network

    Hi Guys I'm moving to a new estate early next year, and Edge telecom has done the fiber in the estate. I have asked them (Edge) with no luck, and my searching skills have turned up only 2 ISP's that use their network. One is Edge telecom themselves, the other is cool ideas. Now I would love...
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    Fedgroup - Impact Farming Investment

    Solar energy changes with the seasons, so it won't be the same. Also your income is dependent on the electricity price, if I understand correctly....
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    Fedgroup - Impact Farming Investment

    Nope my last payments were dec and then either jan or feb. It's got something to do with when they harvest. If I could get into the app I'd be able to tell you exactly when....
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    Fedgroup - Impact Farming Investment

    Nope, Dec and feb if I remember correctly.....
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    Fedgroup - Impact Farming Investment

    Eksdom has claimed our solar panels without compensation Lol
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    Fedgroup - Impact Farming Investment

    Anyone know if the platform is down ? Seems so, app and website not working....
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    Your Raspberry Pi Projects

    Care to share said nodejs program ?
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    Samsung Gear S3 Stainless Steel Strap

    YES. That looks great. exactly what I'm after, except in silver. Will look into getting it from amazon. Thanks. If you don't mind me asking, what did it cost you, all in ?
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    Samsung Gear S3 Stainless Steel Strap

    Hi guys Where else other than takealot can I get one of these ? The one they have there is really poor quality and doesn't even fit the watch.
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    Fedgroup - Impact Farming Investment

    App Says Cervantes Solar site.....
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    Fedgroup - Impact Farming Investment

    Bought a Solar panel in april. When will I start seeing income ?
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    PFsense, PFblockerNG and DSTV Now and Showmax

    Yep, sorted DSTV Now (Or so it seems), but Showmax doesn't work if you're using VPN (Which I am and should have mentioned in the original post.....So I guess they can keep their service Lol