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    Mind the Speed problems

    So I am trying to leave Axxess. Thought I would give Mind the Speed a shot as they allow payment via EFT and are honest about their support hours. Also haven't heard too much negativity around them. Anyway, so I am trying to sign up. All online. They even have this "docusign" system where you...
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    Axxess spiteful or incompetent? Need a "B" number.

    So lying about 24/7 support has just rubbed me the wrong way with Axxess for far too long, so decided to seek greener and cheaper pastures. Cancellation with Axxess set for 30 September 2020. They however are not responding to my requests to provide me with my Unique Line ID (UID) or "B"...
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    How to report a business that does not comply with Covid safety protocols?

    Does anybody know or have an email address for me for an insitution with the authority to inspect private business that do not comply with COVID safety protocols?
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    Nothing about Axxess price increases?

    No thread about this? I know the reps dont have the guts to answer any questions about it here so wont bother tagging him/her. Anyway, they are now more expensive than some of the competition. Anybody have recent feedback about Mind the Speed? Thinking of switching to them. Their 40MB...
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    Two Computer Power Supplies (1500w and 850w)

    Item name (be very descriptive): CoolerMaster RS-F00-SPM2 Silent Pro M2 1500W 80 Plus Silver Certified Semi-Modular Desktop Power Supply Age and condition: 3 years old in good condition Do you include packaging: Yes. Original packaging including the power cord to the wall socket Warranty: No...
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    Gigabyte GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti Gaming OC 11G

    Item name: Gigabyte GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti Gaming OC 11G Age and condition: Just over 2 years old. Purchased 15 January 2018. Condition is very good besides a little dust. Do you include packaging: Yes. Original Packaging. Warranty: Yes. With Rebel Tech. I will forward invoice to buyer and assist...
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    Cannot log into DSTV Now.

    Anybody else having issues logging in?
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    Peak, Standard and Off-Peak Time-Of-Use Times

    Are they standardised thus the same for all municipalities or does each municipality determine their own times? I asked an employee at ESKOM, and go figure, the person didn't have a clue.
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    Electrical and water sub-metering for commercial premises

    Does anybody know of a company that does electrical (and water) sub-metering for commercial premises such as a shopping centre? Basically what I need is a place that can supply and install sub-meters that can measure time of use for both single and 3 phase so that municipal accounts tally up to...
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    MultiChoice is shutting down DStv Mobile