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    Which lockdown regulation made/makes the least sense to you?

    We went into a harsh lockdown too soon and for too long. Alcohol and tobacco ban. That non-essential ban was just plain stupid.
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    How stupid is this government??

    I was wondering about that as well.
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    Ban on alcohol and cigarettes in South Africa

    And then bitch how horrible the ANC is.
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    The Gauteng Weather and Storm Warning Thread!

    Looks like I will be wrapping the garden babies up today.
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    Ramaphosa places South Africa on level 2 lockdown

    Yes, we have lost over 50% of our members at the dojo even though our Kancho has told everyone to just keep coming and that they can work out the fees later when they can afford to.
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    Do you think the ANC has the ability to decisively act against corruption?

    I think the question should be "does the ANC care about acting against corruption?"
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    All schools are closing; by end July

    Thanks Sandwitch! Stay strong and safe at school.
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    All schools are closing; by end July

    If I knew the names I would. I also think that the parents should cover the bill of the school being deep cleaned.
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    All schools are closing; by end July

    Do you guys want to know why the unions are up in arms? Let me tell you about my family's life since Thursday evening. Thursday evening I open an email from my son's private school. Apparently one of the students at his school test came back positive on Tuesday. The parents had sent the...
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    All schools are closing; by end July

    My wife goes in on Monday.
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    All schools are closing; by end July

    That is sort of odd. My son's private and they have had their kids back for almost two months now. They are going ahead with their time table and not letting school out until their scheduled holiday which starts 7 August and goes through till the 27th. I hope at least they have been doing...
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    All schools are closing; by end July

    My wife every day has to remind the kids that they can't hug her. They adore her and she adores them. It was the same with her mother as well. Kids cried when she left on her last day.
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    All schools are closing; by end July

    My wife does the same. We both know that while school is in session we pretty much don't have a social life together. My wife loves teaching her kids. She wants to see them succeed because she knows that they will not have a chance in hell if they don't.
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    All schools are closing; by end July

    I am so worried about my son's school. He loves his teacher and loves his school but I don't know how they will manage if they have to close again.
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    School closure and paying of school-fees. What's your view?

    I voted undecided for two reasons. We paid our son's school fees because his teacher had online classes M-F and still does to those who can't come to school. If the government says no online or remote classes, then I am sorry. I love my son's school but I am not going to spend money if they...
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    All schools are closing; by end July

    No online or remote education makes me angry. It makes me angry because the public school (which is not one of the rich super schools) that my wife teaches at have been doing online lessons with them since April and they were so caught up and begging for a break that my wife and the other...