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    Fixed Wireless RAIN useless

    Nobody at Afrihell cares anymore. I have not been able to access the internet for a whole week and Afrihost had no solution yet. Hell they don't even know what the problem is. Don't buy any products from this company. It is a circus.
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    Electronic credit card payments rejected - Raru site

    I recently tried to purchase something on the Raru site. I have a credit card with FNB. I entered my credit card details and clicked purchase. FNB sent me a one time pin which I entered immediately and clicked process. I received a popup informing me that my transaction had been rejected by...
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    Somerset West Fibre to the home community initiative

    We have started an initiative in Somerset West to get fibre to the home installed. We have a facebook page @somersetwestfibre. Please like the page and tell your friends about it. We are focusing on the areas on the mountain side of Irene avenue and Lourensford road initially. The reason...
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    Load Shedding

    Does anyone know what the likelyhood of Load Shedding is for 2014 seeing that the new coal powered generating power station is yet to come online?
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    Is the PS4 better than the XBox One?

    What features make the PS4 better than the XBox One?