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    Help regarding ISP's on Edge Telecoms network

    Hi Guys I'm moving to a new estate early next year, and Edge telecom has done the fiber in the estate. I have asked them (Edge) with no luck, and my searching skills have turned up only 2 ISP's that use their network. One is Edge telecom themselves, the other is cool ideas. Now I would love...
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    Samsung Gear S3 Stainless Steel Strap

    Hi guys Where else other than takealot can I get one of these ? The one they have there is really poor quality and doesn't even fit the watch.
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    PFsense, PFblockerNG and DSTV Now and Showmax

    Hi Guys Right, so I have pfsense running, with pfblockerng. And yup, dstv now app and showmax on my tv are both not working when pfblockerng is enabled. I have whitelisted the and domains but that doesn't seem to work either, and frankly I didn't really expect that it...
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    NordVPN via OpenVPN on PFSENSE and

    Hi guys Can someone please assist with any ideas. I have nordvpn set up and running on my pfsense box, showing my connection is private etc. Can connect to all other websites except I have changed from udp to tcp and have tried many different nordvpn servers. (even the za21 server...