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    Whats your opionion of the best firmware for the iPhone 3g

    I'm gonna reload my old 3g cause its got so much rubbish on it and tons of cydia addone etc etc, wanna get it fresh so my GF can use it.
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    Vodacom premium rated sms 278217814 , FACETIME?

    I see a whole bunch of premium rated sms's(charge of 0.00 though) on my itemized billing. I think its part of the face-time initialization procedure but does anyone else have this?
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    Stupid iphone not working properly ,

    Ok.. so i tried to make a call, other person couldn't hear me, i couldn't hear them. Went onto speaker phone mode and it all worked fine. Put in headset and it all worked fine. Back on normal mode and its not working again? Seems like a silly bug where it thinks theres a headset or something