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    Day 143 of the lockdown, dumbbells and kettlebells.

    Dear Journal, I hope your are well. Today is day 143 of the cruel lock down and I still can't walk into a sports\retail shop and buy dumbbells or kettlebells. I am afraid the the little gains I have managed to reach during this time might be lost for ever if I don't start to get some heavier...
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    When to self isolate, when to test and when to test everyone

    Is there any guidance about when one should test and when one should test everyone. In other words how many degrees of separation is needed not to be required to be tested. Considering that Person A's spouse was in contact with someone a week ago that now has been tested positive and now needs...
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    Anybody on Seacom, I can't access certain websites

    I can't access or since last week. I have contacted my ISP and I have been informed that the previous two websites seems to be blocking a certain IP range. Anybody else on Seacom having problems accessing these websites?
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    Alarm, gate motor and ups batteries

    At the moment load shedding is taking it's toll on my device's batteries. Is there a better type of battery I can get that won't die after a few months of Eskom networking failure? Because I am getting gatvol of buying 7ah12v batteries.
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    Looking for a new job and recruitment agencies.

    My Wife is keen to go and work for a medical aid/insurance company ideally located in Centurion and she has approached a few recruitment consultants to see what they can find, she is well qualified and experienced for the position she is looking for. It seems that recruitment consultants are...
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    Almost no international traffic

    I am with webafrica and since about this morning I can't access Netflix or any other international sites. Even mybb takes forever to load. Did try to contact Webafrica through their WhatsApp support system, but they only work till 16:30.
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    Life Insurance, grudge purchase of note

    I am truly surprised that there is no "market disrupter" here. All the big guys seem to be on par to each other with regards pricing(almost looks like a cartel) and from reading the T&Cs the direct insurers offer a "lesser" product. And things start to get really expensive when you add things...
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    Bitco, Liquid Telecoms and VOIP

    Busy doing some comparative quotes for moving a few Telkom lines and VDSL and some premicells to a fibre \ VOIP solutions. Sofar Bitco and provider of Liquid Telecoms have come in with fair quotes. How is Bitco? Everybody else that comes to quote rolls their eyes or snigger when we mentioned...