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  1. Electron1

    Deep Cycle Lead Calcium Battery - Dead Cell

    I have a Royal 1150K Lead Calcium that has failed after 9 months. According to (not bought from this supplier) it can handle high charging currents and is designed for life of between 3 to 5 Years on its spec sheet. Stage 6 load shedding killed...
  2. Electron1

    MSP got hacked and all clients cryptolocked - outdated “ManagedIT.asmx” and "KaseyaCWWebService.dll"

  3. Electron1

    Airprint compatible ADSL wireless Router - suggestions?

    I have battled with Airprint on iPad2 IOS5.0.1 and HP Officejet 6500A (With latest firmware) using different routers. I have tried connecting the HP 6500A with both cable or wireless (currently using wireless) Any suggestions on what brand and model (ideally firmware level too) that is...