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    Eskom offers staff cash packages to leave

    Does the 400 mil cover the 16000 excess staff Eskom has?
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    The Brexit Thread

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    Western Cape continues to be a beacon of hope
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    The Brexit Thread

    Brexit was not a purely economic decision.
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    The real reason for load-shedding - And it's not what Eskom is telling you

    AA/BEE will destroy any company. Including monopolies.
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    Western Cape continues to be a beacon of hope
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    South African union takes legal step to stop Eskom pension plan

    Seems like Solidarity is the only union willing to stand up for the South African people.
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    19 new bank branches where you can get your South African smart ID and passport in 2020

    When will Capitec start offering this service?
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    South Africans are using almost half their salaries to pay off debt

    This is a global trend as cost of living rises yet wages remain stagnant. Boomers had it a lot easier than Millennials/Gen Z.
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    The Brexit Thread

    Salty remainers will never stop whining. Britain will do just fine without the European Union.
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    These numbers show how much Eskom hurt the South African economy

    The economy will not survive Eskom. Time to privatise and let IPPs join the market.
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    Urgent court application to stop SAA job cuts

    What else do you expect from a failing business?
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    Do you think Eskom will improve under its new CEO?

    He may be CEO but he is still at the mercy of the ANC and unions.
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    Eskom stage 1 load-shedding to continue on Tuesday

    I can live with stage 1-2 loadshedding in the medium-term. Hope they can keep the grid stable enough.
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    How "Energy Vaults" could save South Africa from load-shedding

    Good to see municipalities starting to take matters into their own hands. If the ANC refuses to privatise Eskom and allow IPPs to join the market localisation seems like the only option.