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  1. schuits

    Lost Warranty, any solution?

    As most may know a service for a new car will be something like every 12months or 15000km, whichever comes first. I, for some reason, didn't pay attention to the first 12months and took my car in for it's 15000km service. Since I had missed the 12month service by several months, the...
  2. schuits

    Keyboard suggestions

    So my trusty 'ol Logitech G15 didn't much like the coffee I gave it, now I need a new Keyboard. Now it seems Logitech isn't really the goto brand for gaming keyboards. I'm looking for something in the R1000 range. Some lights are nice, I don't use macros or media controls and wrist rests get...
  3. schuits

    DSTV now: error loading video license user not entitled

    Does anyone know how to fix this issue? The backstory. Can't find DSTV now on the app store, on my phone or my MiBox. When I google it in my browser I can find it, but it says it's not available in my country. After some trickery I get it to install on both devices, and verify its the latest...
  4. schuits

    Minimum wage, is it a legal right?

    Does everyone being employed have a right to minimum wage? Why I'm asking. Our daughter of 19 years is being asked to work in her biological father's plumbing shop. Work experience is a good thing. However he's offering her something like R2400 for a months work, which in my opinion is just...
  5. schuits

    Indirect portfolio scam

    Just got a call from a very abrupt sounding afrikaans gentleman asking if I was aware that an "indirect portfolio" or "indirect trading portfolio" had been opened in my name. When I said no, he just hung up. *edit - actually he hung up after I asked exactly who he was and who he's working for*...
  6. schuits

    AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Desktop PC

    For Sale Item name: AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Desktop PC 120Gb HDD Creative Labs Audigy Sound Card DVD/CD drives Stiffy Drive!!! Age and condition: Old Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Gathering Dust Price: R750 Negotiable: Slightly Location: Birchleigh/Kempton Park...
  7. schuits

    IT dev that actually improve people lives

    Anyone one here that is a dev that feels their job actually contributes something meaningful to society in general? I'd like to hear your stories.
  8. schuits

    Stupid ping!

    Just a rant: In a fit of boredom I re-loaded BF4. 6 games in a row I get kicked for high ping! Then I get dropped because I'm missing a map in the So I did the logical thing and uninstalled BF4. Ping is above 170, 20Mb fibre line. *Sad panda
  9. schuits

    Son got perma banned

    Posting this here as it's more about family advice than gaming. Backstory: Just over a month ago I got an email, my Rockstar account received a 30 day ban. So I get home and ask my son what he did to get the ban. Apparently he was playing GTA V and some person was killing his buddy. So he...
  10. schuits

    Unable to get ITC

    Hi, Hopefully there is a Cell C rep here that can help. A little while ago we were 'liberated' of 3 cellphones. The insurance wants ITC numbers to prove we have blacklisted the phones. We walk into Vodacom, and are instantly issued an ITC for the blocked phone. All electronic, no hassle. We...
  11. schuits

    Beach holiday with sour ending

    Bit of a vent thread..sorry. So I take my family down to a lovely beach house near Port Shepstone. Holiday is going great and I'm just starting to unwind. Then near 2am I sit up in bed cause I thought I hear a thud. As I look over to my wifes side of the bed there I see a BM crouching beside...
  12. schuits

    IP Infrared Bullet Cameras x 2

    --removed-- (can't find the delete button)
  13. schuits

    Fortnite: Raging teenager

    So my teenage son is addicted to fortnite. Fine, I guess, I play games too. The problem is he's constantly shouting at the computer and his friends, like way too loud. The SO and I are getting tired of reprimanding him. So I'm writing a system app that will monitor the microphone input levels...