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  1. R outgoing email issue

    Good day I'm trying to help a lady who can receive email on her iPad but can't send. She has a email address and can send and receive when she's at home (Telkom ADSL) but as soon as she's off the Telkom network she can't send emails from this address. The error message says: "The...
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    App development

    I've just loaded the second lecture on my iPad. Will start watching tomorrow night. By the way, have you published your app?
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    App development

    That's pretty much what I have in mind...
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    App development

    Cool! Did you use any books? I've got the lectures but have only watched the 1st one so far.
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    App development

    I've got a couple of ideas. The goal is to build a couple of apps over time that would generate a little extra income. I was thinking iMac but not sure about being stuck to a desk. I develop in VB so this is quite a change :) All my vb work is for the company I work for, the iOS work will be for...
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    App development

    Anyone tried their hand at iOS app development? I'm keen to try and am looking for a good "beginner" book. I'm also trying to decide if I should go for an MacBook Pro or an iMac. Any suggestions?
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    iTunes gift cards without the middle man

    Ok, this is getting tired... Did you know you can buy iTunes gift cards at their face value from Best Buy? If you didn't, you do now. For those of you opposed to affiliate marketing, sorry. Just go to and search for "iTunes digital delivery" Lots of love Me
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    iTunes gift cards without the middle man

    At least I'm not charging you anything :)
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    iTunes gift cards without the middle man

    They also do discounts... Over the weekend the $50 card was going for $40!
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    iTunes gift cards without the middle man

    They give you the option to NOT save your CC. You don't work for Evopoints do you? Why would you want to pay more than the face value of the voucher? Are you happy to pay them 20% commission or whatever their average markup is?
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    iTunes gift cards without the middle man

    G'day! Over the weekend I discovered that you can get iTunes gift cards from with digital delivery (i.e. they email you the voucher code) even if you don't live in the US. Just search for "iTunes digital delivery" on their site. You're paying the face value of the voucher. Best Buy...
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    What apps do you recommend for iPad?

    What hardware are you using to connect your guitar to your iPad?
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    The Guardian - Free subscription till mid January

    Try out newsstand with this...
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    iOS 5 finally out

    Yahoo! Going to do the night owl thing later...
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    iCloud Push notification costs?

    I take it you didn't use iTunes for the update... I'm waiting impatiently for iOS5 to be released today!!!
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    Settings >> Mobile Data

    Okay, I've checked the Verison settings screen and it also says Cellular Data:
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    Settings >> Mobile Data

    G'day! Anyone see this before: I'm referring particularly to the Mobile Data menu option. This is one of a number of iPads supplied by DigiCape. It won't connect to the internet on 3G. My iPad says Cellular Data. Could this be a Verizon model? Any ideas?
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    Addictive UConnect free at the moment

    This one is a keeper... try not get hooked ;)
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    iPad 2 SA stock finished?

    Put your name down at DigiCape. They're expecting stock soon.
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    Angry Birds HD is on Sale

    I you, like me are tight fisted with your Apple credit and have been holding out for Angry Birds HD to go on sale, wait no longer...