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    Boerewors rolls ( some advice needed )

    I tried KFC's Chilli salt the other day which worked quite well. Not directly in the coffee though. Sprinkled it in my mouth then took a sip (no milk or sugar in the coffee).
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    Boerewors rolls ( some advice needed )

    Do you have FiestaST on ignore?
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    how to record a section of the screen you select in windows into video Edit:
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    D-Link DWR-956M Configuration File Format

    It looks like an MD5 sum to me.
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    The world is ending.

    Report(ed) As Spam
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    SIERRA On-Line Documentary

    So I should probably play Gabriel Knight. GOG, Steam, or IOS then?
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    Cool Car Videos

    Carting footage with a 360 cam.
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    Windows text navigation shortcuts

    Ctrl-Left/Right, End or Home?
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    The price of Nvidia graphics cards in South Africa from 1998 to 2020

    My boss had like a half-hour discussion with me when I wanted to buy a Diamond Monster 3D as soon as it became available from his suppliers. 97-98 I think. Still one of my best purchases ever.
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    A Toyota-backed flying car has passed its first flying test

    After actually reading the article/watching the video (I know) I don't think it's as bad as single motor quads. Probably not fun (the extra yaw will be hard to deal with) but an emergency landing could be doable.
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    A Toyota-backed flying car has passed its first flying test

    If a motor fails you drop. Bent props are mostly fine, but not there's not much else you can get away with. Edit: Actually the flight controller will kill the opposing motor to try to compensate for the unbalanced torque. But then you're tumbling along the axis of the remaining motors (with no...
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    Are you going to visit the liquor store today?

    Just got back from PnP Liquor. No queues, only 2 or 3 people inside. They didn't have any Black Label but I picked up some Windhoek Draught, Amstel and Guinness (been craving that lately).
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    Quadcopter/Drone Thread

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    The Alfa Romeo Giulia Thread

    600hp Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio: it's a MISSILE! [ENG Sub]
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    Question about a power display

    It looks like the voltage of the data lines.