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    iPhone 11 64GB

    Still sealed, pm for contact details, Gauteng R14k
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    GDP Q2

    When is it coming out? Or have I missed it?
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    Well... im impressed...

    I got the R1 Takealot 4G sim just as an add-on for an order I made. It was delivered this morning so thought I would RICA and test the speeds. I currently use Telkom LTE-A in a B618 and get about 100mbits all day long so was reluctant to try anything else. Anyway, I RICAed the Rain sim and...
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    General router question re number of devices

    Just a question. If one purchases a LTE router with a max device support of 32, does this apply to devices connected directly to it or over the network at home? Reason why I ask is that I have 4 access points and 6 switches at home, but my main LTE router which provides the internet to all of...
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    Domain registration

    Hi all does anyone have a recommended company who can register and host a domain for me? J
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    Decoders: HD PVR2 and Explorer

    Folks have moved, no need for them. Come pick them up in Pretoria. Includes power supplies and remotes for them. Perfect working condition, excellent.
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    Woodworker wanted

    Hi all I have a 8 seater square oak dining room table I'd like converted to a rectangle 6 seater. Is there anyone that someone can recommend to do so? Would be appreciated, please PM me or msg me on oh are too six ate 5 2o77
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    HDD retailer options

    One of my WD red 4TB was throwing errors on my server so I sent it to takealot for the warranty claim. They have alleged damage so warranty is voided which I find unfathomable considering it's been in a server for the entire time and not touched. Have requested the official report and photos...