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  1. Napalm2880

    Strange wifi problem that began yesterday afternoon

    I've had similar issues for years using these cheap router brands. They're ALL notoriously unreliable for WiFi and constantly lockup or give issues with high latency and packet loss. I ended up buying two Ubiquiti APs (yet to be configured) which come highly recommended on this forum.
  2. Napalm2880

    Tests prove that Vodacom disappearing airtime is real

    Which devices are known to exhibit this behaviour. Is it only an Android issue and is it specific to a particular brand? This negatively affects Vodacom (and other networks) clients. What actions will Vodacom take from here?
  3. Napalm2880

    FTTH East London

    Don't have fibre in EL (yet) but in JHB I have this powering my fibre router and separate AP: Brought it down to EL today and it powered my ADSL/WIFI router from 6am...
  4. Napalm2880

    I wanted to sue the SA government for the lockdown – Magda Wierzycka

    Don't forget the e-commerce ban and the ban on woolies chicken and garage pies. Jisses, it seems like a bad nightmare looking back :X3:
  5. Napalm2880

    Why Sanral only has itself to blame for e-tolls

    Don't give them any more ideas. They'll probably do this on top of e-tolls as well.
  6. Napalm2880

    How do you manage your animals while working from home

    Absolutely. My bosses' son had an angle grinder out during my performance review yesterday. Just deal with it, in fact embrace it. Life is a lot more real and wholesome nowadays. Who wants to go back to sitting in a quiet office?
  7. Napalm2880

    Communications minister's WhatsApp hack – The possible scenarios

    Far more likely is: Option 6: The oxgen thief has made an outrageous claim that is difficult to prove as an excuse for some bugger up that was made.
  8. Napalm2880

    Ramaphosa outlines the ANC’s plan for South Africa

    Bullet trains and 4IR.... I think I've seen this movie before. It was a comedy.
  9. Napalm2880

    These SOE executives have bigger salaries than President Ramaphosa

    Let's be honest, CEOs of SOEs are political appointments. Unlike the private sector, their qualifications, skills and performance are completely irrelevant.
  10. Napalm2880

    Do you personally know of anybody who has died of the virus and 100 per cent confirmed by an autopsy? South Africa only.

    I'm sorry to hear this, and I hope she recovers quickly. I'm not sure how it works at your mom's hospital but at least for my fathers 2nd stint in hospital, we got upgraded to LEVEL 1 and I was able to visit him in ICU. It's terrible and cruel not being able to see your loved ones in hospital.
  11. Napalm2880

    Do you personally know of anybody who has died of the virus and 100 per cent confirmed by an autopsy? South Africa only.

    Can confirm, in the COVID-19 pre-screening forms, my father only ticked 3 out of like 10 boxes. No fever, no coughing or chest complaints. He had sore bones, was tired and weak and had an extremely low blood pressure with a high pulse rate. Only once hospitalized he developed a very mild chest...
  12. Napalm2880

    Do you personally know of anybody who has died of the virus and 100 per cent confirmed by an autopsy? South Africa only.

    Father is 79yrs old. He got COVID-19 while undergoing chemotherapy. Thankfully the Eastern Cape private hospitals are fairly quiet so he had his own room for almost two weeks. He got discharged, and was slowly recovering the week he was at home, when he suddenly he had severe heart issues. He's...
  13. Napalm2880

    Anyone else retrenched?

    Was retrenched in Jan 2018. It sucks, and believe me, it's a tough journey where you start interrogating yourself and the decisions you've made that landed you in this position. Focus on what's important. 1. Cut any unnecessary expenses immediately 2. Apply for jobs, anything in or mildly...
  14. Napalm2880

    Elon Musk says he won’t take coronavirus vaccine, calls Bill Gates a ‘knucklehead’

    He's not wrong. Vaccine should be made available to those at risk i.e. the elderly and those with co-morbidities. COVID-19 is low risk (lower than influenza) with the young and healthy - with most people being asymtomatic.
  15. Napalm2880

    Microsoft is inching closer to killing the Windows Control Panel

    It feels like there are 10 different screens to manage network settings. Can they not put all your network info on a single screen where you can fully manage everything network related. This has irritated me for years now.
  16. Napalm2880

    Don't be fooled by the latest unemployment rate

    I'm seeing quite a bit of reporting saying StatsSA changed the calculation but I agree, as far as I know it's been like this for ages. I don't agree with the way they're reporting unemployment, it's clear that its skewed for political reasons, but at least the reporting from StatsSA is consistent.
  17. Napalm2880

    Huawei's AppGallery, is it good enough?

    I've had friends call me up after buying a P40 lite asking how they get their apps on the new phone :X3: Unfortunately we're in a situation where SA cellular stores push these phones on people without informing them of the pitfalls. Overall, it's an unmitigated disaster and I honestly feel...