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  1. Napalm2880

    Help! New sim card for a Nokia 3510i

    Bought a Telkom 99c sim card from Spar for my moms old Nokia 3510i. Had to show the teller my ID for RICA and that's all. I've put the sim card in and booted the phone but it's not showing any reception and I can't make calls. I've read all of the notes that came with the sim and it's unhelpful...
  2. Napalm2880

    Dodgy home router

    Hi Guys, Hoping someone can help me diagnose a friends router issues. Here's the scenario: He has 2x TPLink WR840N routers, one upstairs and one downstairs, connected via Powerline adaptor. Everything works fine but every couple of hours, he is unable to access the internet from the upstairs...
  3. Napalm2880

    CO2 refill for fire extinguisher during lockdown

    I'm trying to refill 2x 2kg CO2 fire extinguishers that I use to carbonate home brew kegs. Does anyone know where I can get these refilled in the Sandton / Fourways area at a reasonable price? I've tried myGas out in Lanseria but they don't refill, only rent and that works out very expensive.
  4. Napalm2880

    Donated physical Xbox, how do I transfer my games?

    I recently gave my old Xbox 360 to my nephew. He's currently playing all my games using my Xbox gamertag / profile which was linked to Xbox Live years ago but I no longer pay the membership (I believe this makes it a Silver account). The problem now is that he wants to purchase Minecraft and...
  5. Napalm2880

    Telkom FreeMe STEALING DATA after top up.

    Has anyone else noticed after a Top up that you're suddeny MISSING DATA! 1. Purchased a 1.5GB once off data bundle at 22:37pm with an existing data balance of +-178MB. 2. After loading the additional data, I checked my data balance using the Telkom app at 22:38pm (1 minute later), only to find...
  6. Napalm2880

    Inverter and battery backup for 3 Phase (Residential)

    Any forumites out there with a 3 Phase inverter? or 3x Single Phase inverters - or even just 1x Single Phase inverter as a backup for a few plugs in the house? Would like to know details of your installation, supplier, installer etc (especially in JHB) and any advice you have to offer. I'm...
  7. Napalm2880

    [S] Canon EF 75 - 300mm f4.0-5.6 III Lens

    For Sale Item name (be very descriptive): Canon EF 75 - 300mm f4.0-5.6 III Lens Age and condition: 1.5yrs - good condition. Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Upgraded to a higher spec lens. Price: R2000 Negotiable: Yes Location: Fourways, Johannesburg...
  8. Napalm2880

    Don't order from BestBuy (USA)!

    Word of warning to any non-US customers. Don't expect any customer support from BestBuy. It all started upon ordering an MSI Laptop from BestBuy to be delivered to a friend of mine in the States. Here are some notes from my experience. --BestBuy offer a Paypal payment option. So I...
  9. Napalm2880

    No more FREE DYN DNS

    Just got this email:cry:
  10. Napalm2880

    Anyone else having issues with DSTV streaming today?

    When I open up the URL for streaming and enter my login details, it just refreshes the page and clears my username and password I entered. Doesn't throw any errors or anything. DSTV support were unable to assist. I've used IE and...
  11. Napalm2880

    iPhone 4S stuck "Restoring iPhone software..." after upgrade

    I attempted to update my iPhone 4S to IOS 7.1. I left it connected to my PC via USB and using the latest version of iTunes (Windows) to download the update and install overnight. This morning I wake up to find that my iPhone 4S is now in recovery mode. Worse. When I use the RESTORE option...
  12. Napalm2880

    Software Localization

    I'm a project manager and I work for a large software development company in SA. I've recently been tasked with ensuring our flagship .NET application is "world-ready". There are multiple angles to this task, all of which I'd appreciate some input: So, to give you some idea, from a...
  13. Napalm2880

    FNB: Channel daily limit exceeded

    I need to pay a deposit for a new flat and I'm unable to make the payment because I keep getting the error: "Channel daily limit exceeded" The new FNB website is really a horrible mess in terms of navigation but I was able to find the limit settings on both my cheque and credit cards -...
  14. Napalm2880

    Pre-paid electricity - Am I getting ripped off?

    Can anyone explain this to me? I put in R300.00 worth of electricity this morning and to my horror, I only received 142.20 units. I know the tariffs have gone up, but seriously. WTF!:wtf: I purchase via the FNB website and here's my history: Date and Time Electricity Units...
  15. Napalm2880

    Engine Malfunction Light on Toyota Corolla

    I have a 1997 Toyota Corolla (89000km on the clock:D). The engine malfunction light has been showing intermittantly for the last 10 000km (it comes on occassionally and then goes off again.) - so I'm assuming nothing is terribly wrong and it's just a faulty sensor. I'm tempted to purchase a...
  16. Napalm2880

    iPhone5 no data allocated?

    I got my iPhone 5 on the straightup200 package 5 days ago. I've just done a balance enquiry and it says that my usage is around R300 and my free data is 0MB. Seems I haven't been allocated my 500 free MB. Anyone else got this issue? Also is there any difference between the 200MB data from the...
  17. Napalm2880

    The end of ADSL in South Africa?

    It's just another day with a slow speeds, high latency, intermittent packet drop, congested exchanges, and poor customer service and now I have to ask.. Is this the end of ADSL in South Africa? Since the 12 Oct I've had the above issues with my DSL line. ISP blames Telkom, Telkom doesn't...
  18. Napalm2880

    What the heck is the Galaxy Ace Advance?

    This phone is listed on the CellC website: Yet I am unable to find it on GSM Arena... The only other mention of it is on the Samsung SA website - where I see it is also referred to as "GT-S6800"...
  19. Napalm2880

    IOL's website infected with Malware?

    Visited the IOL news page this morning and Chrome displayed this warning: Any ideas on whats wrong?
  20. Napalm2880

    New Joomla installation on MWEB - cant reach index.php

    Let me start off by saying I've been in the IT industry for a while but I've never had a chance or the inclination to put a website together. This was until I thought I'd give the MWEB uncapped hosting a go... My end goal is to build an online store with a payment portal and I've decided to...