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  1. ronald911

    Kitchen light - high pitch frequency noise

    Recently got solar + inverter installed. First night I noticed our kitchen light have this super high pitch noise coming from it, that's bound to give me a headache if I'm there for too long. Only me and my brother (both mid 20s) can hear it, the electrician + my parents think we have lost it &...
  2. ronald911

    FNO Sub-forum

    Not sure if stupid idea or not, but what if we create sub categories in the Fibre Networks section for each FNO. (kinda like the CISP and Afrihost section in Fibre ISP Discussions). Balwin Century City Connect Clear Access Connectivity Services Frogfoot Herotel Link Africa Linteg Metrofibre...
  3. ronald911

    Is this fibre?

    Openserve currently rewiring the telephone poles in our neighbourhood with what we assume is Fibre. Still no indication that Openserve FTTH is coming via any coverage maps, etc, etc. (Scottburgh, KZN). Whilst walking my dog this afternoon, I noticed a cable hanging loosely from one pole with...
  4. ronald911

    Podcast with Ghost Founder

    Worth watching the whole chat if you're remotely (excuse the pun) interested in websites, software, publishing, businesses, remote working, travelling, etc.
  5. ronald911

    Full stack frameworks in 2020

    With all the hype being around static frontend framework SPA's like React / Vue and separate backend API's (usually written in Node) these days, does it still make sense to build new web applications with traditional full stack frameworks like Django, Laravel & Rails? My 2cents: The last since...
  6. ronald911

    Which FNO's does GPON and who does Active Ethernet?

    Which FNO's does GPON and who does Active Ethernet? I assume GPON is most common here, but are there actually areas that's got Active Ethernet in SA?
  7. ronald911

    Rate Payers Association against having more than one FNO

    Our local Rate Payers Association is against having multiple FNO's. One FNO is trenching and another going overhead / aerial. Am I the only one thinking it's ridiculous that they are fighting this? They say it's unnecessary to have more than 1 infrastructure. I think having multiple FNO's is a...
  8. ronald911

    Telkom retaliating against smaller FNO?

    So interesting thing happening..... After many months of struggling to get fibre, a smaller FNO (Fibre Network Owner Operator, thanks @pinball wizard for correcting me) - Linteg - agreed to install Fibre throughout our neighbourhood + town. I've been in touch with Linteg from day one when...
  9. ronald911

    [KZN] Burnt backhaul

    Somewhere in KZN I assume....
  10. ronald911

    Sony WH-1000XM4

  11. ronald911

    Municipal wayleaves

    An FNO recently applied for wayleaves to trench & install fibre in our town on the kzn south coast a few weeks ago, still waiting for the outcome. Insider info says it should happen soon as they just need one more signature from the municipal manager. Just out of curiosity, for those who's...
  12. ronald911

    Wireless is a scam

    Anyone that ever tries to sell you a wireless / LTE as a Fibre replacement/alternative is bullpooping you. It's not even 10am, I cannot even open, so resorted to running it on my terminal. Rain is struggling at 0.58mbps and MTN (Afrihost), which is premium is not even 0.20mbps...
  13. ronald911

    Flight Simulator 2020

    I've been playing FS since I was a kid. Got my first Flight Sim in 2002. Hoping to do my PPL in the next few years. Love aviation. I'm honestly contemplating building a gaming PC just for this. It's coincidentally launches on my birthday, 18 August, so might just treat myself. Anyone...
  14. ronald911

    Rain have changed....

    Article from 2017 regarding congestion... How times have changed indeed. Rain was great when I first got it back in mid 2018.. It was still a capped 'Fixed LTE' package and I was paying R1350/m for 220gb, but I had 20-30mbps very...
  15. ronald911

    And it's gone

    Restarted my router as well... absolutely dead. Cell ID: 77616130. Good thing I'm load balancing between Rain and MTN, but still... I usually have Rain (do about 120gb per month on it) to help me not run out of my 150gb MTN data before the end of the month. Fibre cannot come soon enough!
  16. ronald911

    Process of getting FTTH in SA is a bit absurd

    So I finally got a tentative green light from an FNO (who's been extremely helpful so far :love:) last week and we are finalising a few things before they will start the rollout. Fingers crossed. After struggling for about 6 months, I realised the whole process of getting fibre (in South...
  17. ronald911

    MLM scams

    I've had at least 6 friends, couple of them who I haven't heard from since high school approaching me over the past 4 weeks regarding a "Once in a lifetime opportunity to make lots of money, all you have to do is pay the $99 monthly membership fee, recruit more friends and sell these vegan sugar...
  18. ronald911

    Can I share an FTTB connection?

    Sadly I can't get FTTH... but I can get FTTB via Link Africa. Local WISP's pricing are actually similar to FTTB. Like R2000 for 10mbps down and 2mbps up... Link Africa FTTB is 10mbps down and 10mbps up also for R2000. However, I was thinking, Link Africa FTTB is R5100 for 100mbps.. If I can...
  19. ronald911

    How to get internet from a backhaul?

    Is there a more cost effective way of getting Fibre to my house, if there's a backhaul running through my driveway? As an introverted individualist that likes the anonymous life online, running community campaigns isn't quite my thing, and despite that, I'm trying hard to get FNO's interested...
  20. ronald911

    Getting last mile fibre installed

    Hey guys.. So I live in a little neighbourhood called Freeland Park, near Scottburgh. Relatively dense, around 110 properties. We do have a Link Africa backhaul running straight past my house as it serves the LTE towers. I showed interest with Link Africa, however, they weren't too interested...