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  1. lkswan747

    (Swap) iPhone 6S 64GB

    iPhone 6S 64GB Silver in excellent condition Original packaging with unused original accessories Battery Health @ 92% IOS 14 To swap for any of the following working, good condition items: Ubiquiti 8 Port Gigabit 4 PoE 60W UniFi Switch | US-8-60W or Ubiquiti UniFi Dual Band AC Long Range AP |...
  2. lkswan747

    Apple iPhone 6S - 64GB

    Item: Apple iPhone 6S - 64gig Age: 5 years Price: R 3,500.00 or nearest cash offer Warranty: No Packaging: Yes, with all original accessories. Accessories never used. Condition: Used. Looks brand new as it had a screen protector and cover since day 1. Battery Health = 92% Location: Kempton...
  3. lkswan747

    Ubiquiti Download Site Status

    Has anyone noticed if the Ubiquiti download site is down? I was notified this morning that there was an update for the Unifi Cloudkey firmware. When I try to access the site to read the release notes and user comments, the site just display a rotating circle! All other sites I visit work fine...
  4. lkswan747

    Access to NAS via Internet (Ubiquiti USG)

    I would like to set up my NAS box (Buffalo Terastation) to be accessed via the internet. I have the following equipment 50/5 Fibre Connection ->Ubiquiti USG -> 8-Port POE Switch -> NAS -> Unifi AP I am not really a networking fundi and dont know where to start...
  5. lkswan747

    Hospital Rip-Off

    A friend of mine had a mild heart attack on December and managed to call an ambulance, which promptly arrived. The paramedics stabilised him and although conscious and compos mentis he was rushed to a hospital in Benoni. This is where the rip-off took place. He was admitted into casualty at...
  6. lkswan747

    Cardo Bluetooth Communications - Great Service

    Hi all, just wanted to advise bike riders that are looking for bluetooth communication sets that I had a very pleasant, good buying experience with Vanessa. Ordered the Cardo Packtalk Bold and paid the same day and she had stock so I received the unit the same afternoon after she confirmed...
  7. lkswan747

    Just another reason to consider moving from cool ideas!

    So this is the response I get from the CI helpdesk when asking to upgrade my linespeed! It is clear that this person did not read the ticket properly and responded with bullsh*t. They do not even bother about spell checking! PBCOOL, someones ass needs to be kicked!!! From: ***** ******...
  8. lkswan747

    Wrong Calendar Entry on iPhone

    I just stumble upon an issue regarding setting of appointments on my iPhone 11. I received a request for an appointment via SMS for 06/01/2020 at 15:00. When I selected the date and time and created an event, the appointment was for the 1st of June 2020 at !5H00! My regional settings are for...
  9. lkswan747

    Mikrotik RB962U1GS AP requirements

    I have a Mikrotik Routerboard (RB962U1GS and would like to install it for my daughters fibre installation. What I am looking for is an access point (either 2.4Ghz of Dual band) that I would need in order to get wireless connectivity into her house. The fibre line is currently terminated in her...
  10. lkswan747

    Absolute Hosting

    I just signed up with Absolute Hosting for their email hosting package. Boy, what a refreshing experience this was. It took me a maximum of 30min to enquire, signup and register and start sending my first email from my new address (albeit from the webmail interface, while waiting for the dns...
  11. lkswan747

    HP October promotion

    On the 31st October 2019 I purchased a new i7 Laptop from Makro and as a bonus, HP were running a promotion whereby I qualified for a free voucher for Dis-Chem, Uber, Sportsmans Warehouse if registered by the 31st October 2019. I registered the voucher via the instructions and received...
  12. lkswan747

    Shocking Mooifontein cemetery

    My neighbour has just sent me pictures of the state of grave sites at the Mooifontein cemetery in Kempton Park. I think the conditions at the cemetery are disgusting to say the least. Grave sites that are awaiting burial are filled with water and those sites where burial has already taken...
  13. lkswan747

    Wanted: 16 Port Patch Panel

    Item Wanted: 16-Port Patch panel including RJ45 Keystones Packaging: Don't care Location: Kempton Park Shipping: No Condition: Good with no scratches or dings Collection: Yes Budget: R200.00 - R250.00
  14. lkswan747

    Which Laptop

    I am looking to buy a new laptop and would like some suggestions: Intel i5 8GB Ram 256GB SSD FHD Display R10,000.00 Maximum
  15. lkswan747

    Plastic Printing and Cutting

    I have and idea to bring in extra cash as a pensioner but the idea involves the printing and cutting of acrylic sheeting of approximately 1mm thick. Does anyone know who will do the supply, printing and cutting of acrylic sheeting? Any suggestions are welcome.
  16. lkswan747

    Sony Vaio Laptop Parts

    Does anyone know you the authorised parts supply for Sony Laptops in South Africa are? I am in need of a keyboard for a Sony Vaio Laptop. The model number is VPCCB45FG if anyone can assist.
  17. lkswan747

    Ekurhuleni Municipal Bill - September

    Many residents of Ekurhuleni will have noticed that their monthly bill has increased ridiculously! This is due to the fact that some bright spark failed to renew the contract for meter reading! Now, due to their incompetence/failure to do their job, Ekurhuleni decided to push everyone's...
  18. lkswan747

    Poor experience

    What is going on with the Cool Ideas service? For two days we have had below par connectivity despite the support site stating that the DDOS problem had been mitigated! I am only getting 5.3Mbps download on a 20/2 package!! Me thinks it is time to look for another provider!!:mad:
  19. lkswan747


    Is FNB mobile banking down? I tried on two different devices and get "System currently unavailable, please try again later" error.
  20. lkswan747

    Ubiquiti Cloud Key

    Item Wanted: Ubiquiti Cloud Key Packaging: Would be nice but not a deal breaker Condition : Good working and complete Location: Kempton Park Shipping : No Collection: Yes Ballpark: R500 - R700