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  1. homeboy

    Prepaid 24

    Hi have any use before?
  2. homeboy

    buy from Alibaba

    How good are Alibaba, Banggood to order from and how safe is it? How long to wait for your order? I ordered from wish last year and I've over 3 months for my goods, after they gave my money back.
  3. homeboy

    Telkom upgrade pain

    I received an email inviting me to upgrade to their triple deal. So I called telkom just to advise me that I'm not due for an upgrade, I can speak to the accounts department to check when the renewal is due. I did that and the consultant advise me that according to the system I can upgrade. So...
  4. homeboy

    Ps4 Noob

    Hi , I have Ps4 my first gaming console. I set it up yesterday. Do I need internet to setup a ps4 account? Any games I will be able to play offline? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.;)
  5. homeboy

    Huawei Mediapad 7 Youth2

    How good is ebay and anyone ordered from AliExpress.
  6. homeboy

    LTE portable router R216

    Item name (be very descriptive): R216 portable router, takes all sim card, connect up to 5 devices. Age and condition:7months old Do you include packaging: No Warranty: Yes 1year and 5months Reason for selling: not using. Price:R800 Negotiable: No. Location: cape town Shipping or...
  7. homeboy

    No LTE for Iphone 7 or the plus?

    Why don't the Iphone 7 and the plus not LTE enable? Will it come later in the year or 2017?
  8. homeboy

    Huawei Talk band 2 black [S]

    Item name (be very descriptive): Huawei Talk band 2 Age and condition: 2 weeks old Do you include packaging: No Warranty: Yes, with takealot Reason for selling: Unwanted gift Price...
  9. homeboy

    New gaming pc needed

    hey guys/girls I`m upgrading my cellphone contract in March, and I need help deciding to get a new sony experia z3, or a new gaming pc. Can I get a gaming laptop that is not so expensive around R5000 that I can afford. Do incredible coonection have it on a contract?
  10. homeboy

    wd elements external 1TB

    can anyone help me I have Western digital 1TB external hdd bought online @ take alot about 2 months ago. It was working fine. I split it in 2, one for my pc backup on ntfs and the other exfat32 for my tablet backup. It was going great untill a few weeks ago. Lost all data its not picking up on...
  11. homeboy

    i3 laptop

    hey does anyone know where to buy a i3 laptop all with the bells and whistles under R5000?
  12. homeboy

    B970b router [Trade]

    Item name: Hauwei B970b router Age and condition: good condition Do you include packaging: No Warranty:No Reason for selling: can`t use Price:trade for anything Negotiable: No Location:cape town collect: in cape town The router is working there is no power cable, no sim tray...
  13. homeboy

    Samsung Gear 1 [Sale]

    Samsung Galaxy Gear 1 3 months old and in good condition Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: My Note 3 is BER Price: R1800 OR R1500 + skull candy headsets Negotiable: No Location: cape town Collect in cape town.
  14. homeboy


    My child stutters, he is 8. Sometimes it is bad. do you guys know of any cure? or will he grow out of it? I`m afraid it will affect his confidence. any tips on how to handle it?
  15. homeboy

    classifieds- how safe is it?

    if buy something in mybroadband classifieds how safe is it? i bought a laptop from veyron aka AJ Nel in the classifieds up now haven`t recieved the laptop or my money back. it looks to me he scam another person with the same laptop. i`m going the police to open a case of theft or fraud. do...
  16. homeboy


    can anyone tell me if the following tablets can load books. dell streak htc flyer samsung galaxy (P1 or the P7100) its very urgent blackberry playbook
  17. homeboy

    Skype on the iphone

    can skype be loaded onto the iphone 4. if this possible what is the cost when only speaking on the phone, like voip.
  18. homeboy


    can anyone tell me what nfc is, and how does it work?
  19. homeboy


    anyone knows if limewire is open again. i know that it was down for a while.
  20. homeboy

    shaped data

    can anyone tell me what shape or unshape data is?