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    What is not happening at Cell C atm?

    Is it just me or is the Cell C web site just poorly managed? I am talking about the poor deals being offered and lack of choice if phones on contract. For instance if I currently go to the web site it just lists 3 Samsung phones available on contract. The Note 9, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 plus...
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    Which software to use for iCall?

    Hi, Does anyone know what software I can get to use iBurst iCall in a similar manner to Skype (Voice calls)? Purchased a voucher but I'm clueless from here on in... Thanks in advance.
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    Bandwidth boosters not available on web site and other issues

    Fistly: I checked my usage today and have very little bandwith left and need to purchase boosters. The DropDownList on the iBurst web site only displays an option of "R 0.00 (incl VAT)" Could this be rectified as a matter of urgency as I will probably run out of available bandwidth today or...