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    Not able to send emails on Vodacom LTE

    Good day guys, I hope you guys can assist me as I don't know what to do anymore. We use Vodacom LTE at the office with a HUAWEI HG659 router. Since last week we have been able to receive emails on our company domain, but not send any emails. I took a few of the laptops home this weekend and...
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    Vodacom Business LTE

    Hi guys, We have been struggling with telkom ADSL at our company and ordered Vodacom Business LTE today.However, the router quoted on the Vodacom installation form is the Huawei HG659. It doesn't seem to support LTE, but on the Vodacom form they do state its BI LTE and BI LTE sim. So how...
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    Afrihost - Please, please tell me this aint so

    So I hope this is a maintenance error or bug, and Afrihost can fix this ASAP. Our entire company tried sending and receiving email today and kept getting an error username and password is incorrect. I then logged into AFrihost client settings, to my surprise cpanel is gone and I now have the...
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    How to start a successful business in this country

    In March 2011 myself and some mates registered a CC. We didn't quit our day jobs, but in our spare time we traded under the CC and our business slowly became bigger. In January this year we got 20 cvs from the department of labour and we contracted 10 of those skilled people for 2 years. 9 of...