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    Rack Servers and Colocation

    I rent a couple of dedicated servers from Hetzner in Germany. With the international internet outage, I’ve started thinking about hosting those servers locally. I’ve looked at rentals in SA but they are WAY too expensive. So I’m thinking of buying / building my own rack servers and having them...
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    Using a 43" 4k TV as a PC monitor

    So my good ol' 9 year old Samsung T260 broke today. RIP :-( Started shopping for monitors and wow, they're expensive. That's when I had a thought, would it be more cost effective to buy a 4k TV like the Hisense 43B7100 and use it as monitor? My typical usage is broken down in order of most...
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    Local Dedicated Server Hosting

    So I run host a bunch of sites on an Unmanaged Dedicated Server in Hetzner Finland. Their pricing is amazing and it's worked really well, until recently. We use Cloudflare CDN and they're having massive issues in SA and our international transit is just sh!te. I'm considering moving to a local...
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    Looking for a Fibre ISP that peers locally with Cloudflare

    My streaming provider is international and uses Cloudflare as a CDN. My fibre ISP no longer peers locally with Cloudflare. After their network upgrade, they now go via Rwanda and sometimes Kenya to get to Cloudflare. A simple traceroute to MyBB proves it: Target Name:
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    Web Africa - Great Success

    I have a 100/100 uncapped fibre line with Web Africa. I got it in June 2018 after I moved from RocketNet. I left RocketNet because Web Africa was cheaper. After activation I did a few speed tests and speeds were good. However twitch streaming was terrible. I could barely stream at 720p. I...
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    Under Desk Cable Management (Baskets)

    I'm looking to do some cable management for my desk at home. I found these online: This is exactly what I'm looking for but I can't get hold of this company using the details on their contact-us page. Does anyone know of another place...