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    Central Locking Installation Roodepoort

    Hi guys I've been wanting to get central locking installed in my 2001 Polo for a while now. So far I've only contacted Station Auto Sound who quoted a few thousand for the job which seemed a bit pricey to me all things considered. Does anyone know of a good place to go or where I can look? Thank you
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    Best car seat covers

    Hey guys As a recently new driver I've recently got myself a nice 2001 VW Polo but the seats are a little scruffy so I thought I'd throw some covers on them. With such a wide range available I'm lost as to which are good. I've seen a lot of stingray ones but which "models" of cover are the best...
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    Best Java IDE

    I have recently started a Java course at MSA, they use the BlueJ IDE but i don't feel 100% comfortable with it. I wanted to know your opinions on a good beginners IDE from anyone involved in any form of java development. They have recommended a few others, but if those are anything like BlueJ...
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    Migrate Telkom email to Gmail

    Hi guys! Not sure if this is the right place to post this but if not perhaps someone can point me in the right direction, asseblief. So heres the story. For the last 8 years i have had Telkom ADSL which comes with a free email address. Over this time i have subscribed to dozens of services...