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    Deeds office / House registration current timeframes

    Hi all My house is under offer, pending finance. I want to plan my resignation at work to coincide with when the house registers. Anyone have any experience on how quickly transfers are taking place currently ? I'm in Gauteng. Thanks!
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    Company retaining UIF payments?

    My wife works for a company who is now struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have had their salaries reduced by 20% and the employer has applied to the UIF for relief to make up this shortfall. The company now has said they plan on keeping all UIF payments in their own account for a...
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    GWM Steed Used - good buy?

    I have been toying with the idea of getting a used GWM Steed D/C. Some bargains around. I understand they aren't a Hilux and I accept that they won't be for the price. But they seem to fit my requirements. Can anyone with experience of these bakkies comment on - reliability? Particularly the...
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    Booking Plugins (With SA Payment options)?

    Hi all I am building a site on Weebly and have tried a few of their online booking apps. Their integrated payments all seem to be either Stripe/Paypal etc. I havent worked on Wordpress. Are there any booking apps for either Weebly or Wordpress that can take SA credit cards or work with...
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    Samsung Dual Sim

    Why would Telkom not allow dual-sim functionality for the Samsung phones, however they sell Huawei with dual-sim capability?? I called them to ask and their excuse is "this is imposed on us by Samsung" I call BS on this obviously. Cell C is the only carrier to offer the Galaxy A50 in dual...