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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 3

    @PBCool the CISP website is giving an error on the Application form at URL: The form fails to load in both Goofle Chrome and Microdoft Edge - just a grey background with the error message:’s server IP address could not be found...
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    2020 Ford Kuga (3rd Generation)

    It's a whole new electric vehicle with almost no components in common with the previous Ford Escape / Kuga - problem is they neglected to change the Kuga name...... read the full article here:
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    Absa Bank not emptying auto tellers

    Problems this morning with ABSA card transactions not going through at point of sale (Pick 'n Pay for example) subsequently received an SMS saying point of sale transactions have been temporarily blocked on my card and to go into online banking to correct the setting, which I promptly did just...
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    Fibre options, CPT, Van Riebeeckshof; Vumatel, Openserve, DFA, Mitsol

    Thanks for the prompt reply @Frank007301 I am not familiar with Vuma Aerial - is the fibre on poles like the old Telkom lines vs trenched ? How consistent is your 1 Gbps Afrihost Vuma connection and is there an increase in latency during the evening peak for instance ?
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    Fibre options, CPT, Van Riebeeckshof; Vumatel, Openserve, DFA, Mitsol

    Any recommendations (2020 update) for this area of Bellville for a client of mine working from home ? Vuma Aerial vs Openserve are both showing as available in the Protea Valley and Welgedacht areas - which is faster / more reliable ? I see @Frank007301 has 1 Gbps Pure Fibre on the Vumatel...
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    Best Octotel ISP for Cape Town

    Welcome to the Forum @Larry the Tech Guy
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    Leisure travel in the long weekend

    Highly recommend Afristay or Lekkeslaap or if you’re searching for budget accommodation (I am in no way affiliated to any one of them). We were at Kagga Kamma this week - in the Koue Bokkeveld other side of Ceres. They are ready for bookings and have used the time in lockdown...
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    Cell C network traffic will be migrated to MTN's radio access network once its recapitalisation has completed

    Does the imminent entry of France Télécom’s brand Orange into the South African Cellular market have anything to do with Cell-C’s recapitalisation programme ? [asking for a friend] Orange company...
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    Afrihost App update

    I like the fact that more is visible on the front page - e.g. on AirMobile I can see remaining data as well as airtime for each of the connected SIMcards on the same page
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    Loon's Internet balloons now in Africa

    Loon’s balloons are above the Western Cape this evening
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    COVID-19 - Western Cape versus Gauteng

    the Air Ethiopia plane that took off last night from Cape Town was in Italy yesterday morning and in China the previous day - nice way to spread COVID you guys !
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    Content Charges for Huawei

    To block premium content services on your phone: dial *136*5#, select Content Services > Manage Premium Rated Services > PRS Charges > Block PRS Charges, and voila!
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    SAA business rescue plan in deep trouble

    . @Space I posted that link in the Covid forum, since it has nothing to do with SAA. thanks @Gordon_R
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    SAA business rescue plan in deep trouble

    Apparently the 4 Turkish Air Force Planes that landed in Cape Town since Thursday were not only to bring “supplies in the war against COVID-19” after all..... from the AVCOM forum...
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    SAA business rescue plan in deep trouble

    any idea what or who is on the 2 Turkish Air Force planes that landed in Cape Town this morning from Kano, Nigeria and took off in the last hour on their return flights ? (call signs TUAF239 and TUAF240)
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    Government cuts off further funding to SAA

    first SAA and now Air Mauritius at least Air Austral still flies to Réunion Air Mauritius placed under voluntary administration The Board of Directors of Air Mauritius Limited met today 22nd April 2020 to take cognizance of the latest financial status of the Company in light of the recent...
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    Rain and storm for Cpt

    cigarette & alcohol raid ?
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    Rain and storm for Cpt

    my plastic tubing had all perished - where would one be able to obtain more of this after lockdown and at what price per metre ?