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    Churchill Estate FTTH - Vumatel

    So recently Vumatel announced that they will be rolling out FTTH to our area in Churchill Estate, Parow, Cape Town Spoilt for choice when it comes to ISP's and speeds I spent some time looking, analyzing and deciding. I would like to document my experience that I have so far with the process...
  2. K (ISP) - Why are you applying FUP1 on my connection

    It started last Friday 15th Feb 2019 my FTTH connection (OpenServ & TelkomISP), 10/5Mbps line suddenly goes SLOW between 19:00 and 21:00 at night. Below is a file download test on Telkom ISP (ie: TelkomISP on OpenServ) If I change my router username to a user account on WebAfrica ISP then all...
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    My Experience - Telkom - HOMEunlimited

    Last week Telkom launched their latest uncapped offering for ADSL & Fibre - HOMEunlimited. I am starting this tread to share experiences on service quality, application process, hardships and specifics about this service only - PLEASE DON"T POST about other topics!
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    MTN Once-Off International Bundle - RIPOFF!

    When using the MTNza Mobile Application, it requires you to authorise the the application to collect data from your account; this is a BLACK SCREEN with text in the middle and a REJECT/ACCEPT prompt. Now after I open the application to check my Prepaid balance, POPS up another BLACK screen...
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    Telkom Clearwater/Strubens Valley Outage

    Is anyone else on the Strubens Valley/Clearwater exchange having outage issues. My ADSL and Voice has been DIS for two days and according to 10210 it is a Area Problem, then I was told issues in Exchange .... Eish!
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    Telkom Mobile: Smart Plans 150/250

    I took out a contract with TelkomMobile (8ta) in Jan 2013 and after singing their praises for the last six months I requested to "migrate" from OLD Packages to the NEW SmartPlan 150/250 (wife's & my SIM). This was done at Telkom Clearwater Mall and I was told that the change would happen in 1...