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    Lightning connectors

    Has anyone bought connectors? And where? Seeing plenty locally online, but not sure if genuine. Looking for genuine Apple, unless you have experience with a certian generic one that you can confirm works. Thanks!
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    Where to find iPad Mini 3G/cellular?

    Patience is not one of my virtues... I'm looking to buy an 32/64Gb iPad Mini wifi + 3G/cellular. DigiCape doesn't have stock, ZAStore don't have either. Any idea where I can find in Cape Town area or online? Thanks :)
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    iPhone cracked screen - Cape Town repairs

    Hi, after one fall too many I cracked my front screen. iFix says two days (and they don't have stock atm, useless :rolleyes:). Anyone know of a place I can have it fixed in the larger Cape Town area - like a 1 hour service? Definitely not leaving my phone anywhere for a few days. You can...
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    Muggers Demand iPhone, Turn Down Android Even criminals have good taste... :D
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    Vodacom data options

    I'm buying an iPhone 4 from a family member who is upgrading, but doesn't want a new phone. Currently on Blackberry (BIS) so data wasn't an issue. I'm very loath to get a data contract package - is there anyway to have prepaid data added to my Vodacom voice contract? Something else, the phone...
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    Stumped...iPad prepaid data

    I can't figure it out - how do I load data on my iPad's Vodacom micro sim from home? I'm on wi-fi atm.
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    iPad PDF reader question

    I'm looking for an app that allows me to add multiple bookmarks/dog-ears to PDF magazines for later referral. It seem that iBooks is unable to do this. GoodReader seems to be the must-have PDF reader app, but will I be able to do this? Thanks!