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    Junior employment possibilities with an MCSD

    Hey guys, I need some advice if you're keen. I want to do a career change at the ripe old age of 33 from animation and vfx to development; C#, SQL, .NET, anything that would result in an optimal chance of employment and, of course, income growth potential. Questions: What would my chances be...
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    A New Physics Theory of Life

    A New Physics Theory of Life
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    Lydiana in Pretoria - good/bad neighborhood?

    I'm looking at some places to buy and came across Lydiana, a little neighborhood I didn't really know about. It's between Lynnwood and Meierspark in the East, and prices seem really affordable. Anybody know if it's a good or bad place to buy? I couldn't really find much information on it...
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    Milpark Business School any good?

    Well, is it? I'm working with a strict schedule and looking to get a Bcom part-time through distance learning. UNISA seems like a ****ing joke and Wits' timetables for part-time learning is really daft(who the hell can make 17h00 during weekdays when they're working, never mind having to deal...