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    Noob question

    Hi guys so I've just move to a house where fibre is installed but not active.. When I type in my address on mweb and afrihost it says I can choose between Openserve and vumatel.. How does this happen(not that I'm complaining as choice is always good)Then the second part.. I can get a 10/5 for...
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    Port from cell c prepaid to Vodacom contract?

    Hi there guys.. So I want to take a contract for my daughter with Vodacom.. She is prepaid with cell c.. Please tell me the best way to port her no?
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    Price to move ONT to other side of room

    Hi there guys.. So the ont is under the stairs going up to the loft.. How much does it cost to move ONT to the opposite side of the wall which is about 7 metres?is there a specific price per meter in the industry?
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    Fibre in jackal creek golf estate northriding

    Anyone know who the FNO is as well as which isp u can choose.. Even the sales ppl at jackal creek aren't sure.. Anyone stay there by any chance?
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    Rain 5g in Little falls(duzi street)

    Anyone got the above in little Falls? When I check coverage it doesn't even pick up street:(
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    Frequent disconnects

    Anyone else experiencing the above? .. Been happening 5 to 8times a day for the last 10 days.. Albeit very briefly.. Vuma aerial honeydewridge
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    So when will SABC move to HD on openview?

    Wanna watch the MSL cricket and can't bear std defenition.. Any idea to my question above?
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    Dstv now

    Anyone else having a problem steaming Supersport blitz.. Channel 200?cant wait it since this morning.. All other channels stream fine..
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    HD VS 4k

    So I recently bought myself a 4k TV(Samsung nu7100) and upgraded my Fibre to a 50/50..i wanted to see the big HooHa about I tested blacklist in 4k..and too be honest I can't see the difference between HD and 4k.. Is it just me or am I doing something wrong?
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    Which one would u choose(vuma)

    Accelerit 50/5 @R903 with R499 activation fee.. Or cybersmart 50/5 @R879 with R999 activation fee?
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    Outage in HONEYDEWRIDGE..???

    With CISP and my internet just died.. Vumatel aerial.. Anyone else having problems.. Was working.. Then just went off
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    Accelerit router?

    Anyone know which router is supplied when sighing up.. Anyone else got any reviews on this isp?Pricing looks great.. And the fact that you can suspend service when on holiday is a bonus..
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    Skyworth android box

    Price R650 Condition excellent 7 months old.. Warranty is 12 Plays dstv now and showmax perfectly Comes with box and accessories Google certified No Netflix unfortunately Roodepoort or Randburg collection
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    P30 lite sound

    Is it just me or is the sound on this phone very average when listening to music and YouTube videos.. I'd go as far to say that my p8 lite sounded better.. Or maybe I'm just going deaf.. And yes I have turned the volume to the max.. Am I missing something?will getting better earphones help.. I'm...
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    Blaupunkt streaming box

    Anyone know whether this is Google certified.. Can't find any info:(
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    Phone showing 4G all the time

    So my P30 lite is showing 4g all the time even though I'm on wifi and mobile data is off? Why would this be?
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    P30 lite notification lite

    Hi ppl.. So apparently the P30 lite doesn't have a notification lite when u receive WhatsApp or any messages.. My colleague says this is because Huawei wants us to buy the watch..he read it online.. I've tried everything and no light comes up when receiving messages which is quite irritating...
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    Huawel p8 lite

    Got the above for sale due to upgrade Ph is in good nic with screen protector..2 years old..not fingerprint model 16g storage 2g ram Comes with charger Based near Randburg R1000 Or will.swop for GOW and SPIDERMAN(ps4)
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    P20 lite or P30 lite

    Upgrade is finally here:)difference in price on contract is R70pm..what would u take and one gripe is that the 6.15 inch screen wont fit in my docking station in my car:(
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    Is openview down?

    Was playing earlier..but now says installation or weather problem?HONEYDEWRIDGE area/west rand/jhb