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    Closing a Telkom business account from abroad.

    I know this thread is in the wrong place, but its the closest I can find... I need to close my Telkom business fixed line acount from abroad. I have emailed the required documents and recieved confirmation of receipt more than 21 business days ago. Nothing has happened. I cannot call...
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    iOS Music App stuck on splash screen.

    Incedentally, I notice that when I reset all settings on my iPhone, my Macbook gets kicked of my wifi network, and forgets the password. Anyone know if this is normal? (I did it twice and it happened both times, with my iPhone, but not with my iPad).
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    iOS Music App stuck on splash screen.

    Seems like this is an isolated problem, but I'll post my findings in case anyone else get it. I phoned Apple support on 0800 444 426, and got a very helpful lady who suggested resetting all settings via Settings / General / Reset / Reset all settings. This fixed the problem on my iPad...
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    iOS Music App stuck on splash screen.

    Nobody else got this problem?
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    iOS Music App stuck on splash screen.

    Yesterday I began to have a problem with the music app on my iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2, both running iOS 9.1. When I open the app, it shows the Apple music splash screen where everybody is waving their hands in the air like they just don't care. It just sticks on that screen, and never opens...
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    Best spreadsheet app for iPad?

    Hi there, I am looking for a better spreadsheet solution for iPad. I currently use Google sheets, Apple numbers, and Microsolf excel. I use all three because they each have their own limitations, and only the three together make up the full full set of features that I need. My most...
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    Cheapest way to get an iPad

    :rolleyes: Like the one where Afrihost pops up a message in your Clientzone, telling you that you can win an iPad Air by answering 10 easy questions, but the link takes you to their home page, from where you by no means can find any reference to any such competition?
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    Cheapest way to get an iPad

    Hi there, Two questions: Is there any easier/cheaper way to get an iPad at the moment than the iPad Mini 2 16Gb on Telkom Mobile 500Mb contract for R199 x 24? Is the iPad mini big enough? I realise that the second question is very much a matter of opinion and dependant on how you...
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    Disappearing data bundles

    Has anyone else noticed how much longer included monthly data lasts than once off data bundles? I have regularly found that the 500Mb I get with my contract each month lasts about 3 weeks. After that I top up with once off data bundles. These topup bundles don't last anywhere near as long as my...
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    Acer Aspire V3-571 Core i3 Laptop [S]

    Great laptop in excellent condition and in original packaging. I have been using this laptop for about a year as a secondary machine for graphic design. It has run Corel Draw and Photoshop perfectly. Performs way better than I would expect of a machine with these specs! Selling to replace...
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    FNB... Seriously?!?!

    Aai FNB, I really don't understand you. You have this big drive to get people onto self service banking. Great, its better for everybody. Then I need to do a simple thing like change the cell number that my OTP gets sent to. Not even Google can tell me how to do this. I call the helpline...
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    Vodacom migration

    Hi there, Someone from Vodacom please assist me here: I currently have an Everyday Off-peak 120 contract for my wife which, is proving to be very unsuitable. What can I migrate to that has Data and anytime airtime without incurring penalties or taking a big step up in subscription? Thanks
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    ZyXel NGB4115 router with E173 modem

    I bought a ZyXel NGB4115 router to create a wifi network using my E173 modem from 8ta. It works fine with no security, but as soon as I enable WEP, WPS-PSK, or WPA2-PSK, I lose the internet connection. It still says its connected, and network and sharing centre (Win 7 Ultimate) shows shows...
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    Cell C - What are you going to do for me?

    See history of the problem here Cell C I got an iPhone 5 from your Store in Uitenhage on a Straight up 200 contract on 5 February 2013. Tax Invoice No: NL.01IN0352213 IMEI No: 013551001524054 I experienced very bad signal and almost non existent Data from the start, and found that voice calls...
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    Cell C network issues... or iPhone 5 problem?

    I am posting this for two reasons: 1 - There are people here who may be able to help me, and I hope they will come forward and comment. 2 - I have a nasty feeling that I may be entering into another big fight, and want a good record of the proceedings. My problem: On Monday, 5 Feb 2013 I...
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    8ta billing mayhem. Advice needed please !

    I have had an 8ta Internet 5 account for about 16 months. As far as speeds etc are concerned, I have been very pleased with the service. The billing and admin, not so much. Having to deal with them, not at all. In all the 16 months I've had the account, 8ta has never ever once debited my bank...
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    Waterproof smartphones

    Hi there. Need to replace my dead Motorola Defy and I'm looking at options. I have to have something durable, a normal phone won't last me a week! I'm looking at these: Defy plus Xperia go I was very pleased with my old defy, so l'll take some convincing to try something else. The...
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    WARNING to potential 8ta subscribers

    I am posting this as a warning to anyone who may be considering signing up for any kind of contract with 8ta. I signed up for the Internet 5 promo in August 2011. I received my invoices etc, but my account was never debited. I let it ride for a while because I had read on Mbb that some other...
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    Is there a Telkom rep here for me to bog on? PLEASE STAND UP!!!

    Someone please help me. I'm trying to cancel my Telkom line and guess what - Its impossible! I took out an 8ta 10Gb/R200 contract 2 months ago cos I got tired of paying R180 odd each month for a phone line that I don't want. I asked the lady at the Telkom shop at the time to please cancel...
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    Dance show in Uitenhage

    Never mind...