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  1. jannier

    Vox Fibre Feedback

    Hi, Anyone in the Cape Town region using VOX as there ISP? Would like to know how the overall experience is especially on Vumatel? latency, bandwidth speeds versus package speed.
  2. jannier

    VDSL roll-out Registration.

    To enable Telkom to plan there VDSL rollout for the next financial budget year it is essential anybody that is interested should register if you have not done so already. This will give Telkom an indication where service rollout should take priority...
  3. jannier

    What is this?

    Hi, Can the clever guys who know please tell me what this is, and if I should worry, and what to do if it is a threat. I run Avast Free Antivirus v8.x. Win7 X64 Windows firewall is on PC is connected to NAT'ed router. The router firewall log is showing this: I replaced the last few...