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  1. Solitude

    Honeydew 5G Tower is down

    The 5G tower I connect to has been down for most of today. I assume it's in Honeydew. At first I thought it's because of load shedding but we don't have load shedding in our block (3B) today. Except if the tower is maybe a bit further away than I expected. Not really sure who I can report it...
  2. Solitude

    Rain 5G isn't great for gaming

    My Rain 5G is great when it works. Seriously, when it works I get great speeds and I'm so happy. But man, does it drop on you at the worst times. It's my biggest problem with Rain 5G at the moment. You just don't know when it will let you down. Here by me it'll drop at least a couple of times a...
  3. Solitude

    Apple blocks Project xCloud on iOS
  4. Solitude

    Full 5G signal but only 100 Kbps

    The last couple of months have been great but today the 5G went down for a bit and then when it came back up I get around 100 Kbps instead of the usual 200 Mbps. I have full signal. Do any of you currently suddenly have problems? Speed improved a little bit but still only around 200 Kbps.
  5. Solitude

    Mecer 2000VA 1200W UPS and 2 Gaming Computers

    I just ordered a Mecer 2000VA 1200W Line Interactive UPS because we get power outages often and the last power outage broke Windows 10 on my one machine. I know nothing about these things though so I'm hoping someone can help. We have 2 gaming computers in the house. One with a 2080 and one...
  6. Solitude

    Rain 5G Router and Lightning

    Since Rain owns the 5G router, what happens if it gets taken out by lightning for instance? I got quotes to install the router outside but then it made me wonder about what would happen should something happen to the router.
  7. Solitude

    Vodacom Fibre is the Worst

    I've been with them for a couple of years now. It's been an up and down experience. In that it often went down. This last couple of months the fibre has become unusable in the evenings. I'm paying for a 100 Mbps line and most of the time I get about 6 Mbps. And the packet loss! It's so bad that...
  8. Solitude

    Can't do a Sim Swap

    I bought a new phone but it requires a nano sim. So I went to MTN yesterday and bought a new sim. I've been trying to follow the steps on the Afrihost website: But step 1 doesn't work. I never get a reply from 44770. I contacted Afrihost support via whatsapp but it's the most infuriating...
  9. Solitude

    Showmax Voucher (Discounted)

    Item Wanted: Showmax voucher at a discount. Preferably a 1 year one. Age: not applicable Condition : not applicable Packaging : not applicable Location: not applicable Shipping: Digital I've been waiting for the ebucks store to have the Showmax vouchers on discount again but it's just not...
  10. Solitude

    Afrihost Email Query

    I'm not too keen on going with Afrihost because of bad experiences. However, I do have a lot of Afrihost credit and since they don't pay that out I have to make use of them somehow. I had 3 years free use of Office 365 but because of that coming to an end I either need to stay with MS to host...
  11. Solitude

    FNB Secure Chat

    Is it just me or does it not work? I tried it yesterday and it told me I'm in a long queue and then I waited for hours and not getting any replies. Trying again today and it's the same thing. I'll type something now and then so that I stayed logged in but nobody ever replies. Have you guys...
  12. Solitude

    SARU DP makes mockery of national achievements

    The SARU Deputy President doesn't seem to know what's going on in South African rugby.
  13. Solitude

    Official 2015/2016 Top 14 Thread

    The Top 14 is starting tomorrow. I've never really been one to follow Top 14 rugby but with the amount of South Africans playing in it and with Jake White being in the mix I'm thinking of giving it a try. I'll see if I can edit this post this evening with the schedule. For those...
  14. Solitude

    Official 2015 Currie Cup Thread

    I'm surprised to not see a thread for this. We've got a Superbru pool going at MyGaming. Someone can create one for MyBroadband if you want. Pool name: MyGaming Pool code: haltkiev Will clean up these schedules a bit later. August 7...
  15. Solitude

    Fine Dining in Johannesburg?

    I asked in this thread: but with all the arguing my post got lost. Can anyone recommend any fine dining restaurants in Joburg? Especially the ones where one can get a 7 course meal...
  16. Solitude

    Vodacom Data Not Working As Expected

    I get very fast speeds using Vodacom LTE and I have great signal. However I only use Vodacom as a backup because it just isn't working right. Webpages don't load correctly and it looks like it's elements on a page that comes from a different domain. For instance on this page I get...
  17. Solitude

    MyGaming Superbru Pools

    Some MyGaming pools but I'll post them here too: Come join my Super Rugby prediction game on SuperBru! It's free and loads of fun. Just click here: Pool name: MyGaming Pool code: tweedull Come join my MTN Lions Challenge...
  18. Solitude

    App Hub and Windows Phone 8

    Last year I got a free one year subscription to App Hub and it's going to expire next month. The only apps I developed was for my own personal use and they aren't really up to the standard to release to the public. I do have a game that's about halfway complete that I've been dabbling with in...
  19. Solitude

    Kapitall - South African alternative?

    I've been playing with Kapitall ( for a couple of months now and it makes stock trading so easy. However they only allow US citizens to have a real money account. Is there something similar in South Africa? Or rather what is the easiest way to do stock trading in...
  20. Solitude

    Virgin Money Online Banking

    I received my new credit card and pin number and so I thought I'd register with the online banking to test everything out. However I get this error: Service Temporarily Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems...