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    Free VPN Connection

    I am working on L2TP/IPSec VPN. I need someone who can help me to test my VPN connection just for today on two devices. Hackers are more than welcome :love:
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    How BitCo throttle your connection?

    I am paying for 2MB connection but I am not allowed to consume my bandwidth. Some how if I consume my 2MB completely BitCo throttle my connection rest of the day.
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    Struggling to build WISP

    I am trying to build a wireless network. Network in testing phase. Luckily LoC was clear between my house in Midrand to my friends house in Sandton so I tested network latency over 10Km and ping was =2 and <2. Before I go live or in production I like to know how to find out renting space on...
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    Looking for Rent a Space on Mast/Towers in Midrand

    Hello, I am looking for a space at Mast/Towers in Midrand. If anyone have space please messege me and any suggestions are welcome. Thanks
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    Only One Word for Telkom

    Telkom billing and service SUCKS
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    MWEB ADSL is Down

    My MWEB connection is down since yesterday 1200 am.This morning I spoke to MWEB technical support and they told me that they can't fix this problem before Monday. In Mikrotik it is showing: initializing dialing terminating... disconnected disconnected and then the process repeats itself...
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    I don't understand South African IT companies policies

    I want to start WISP and I bought and then tested everything. Four months ago I started my project and since then, I sent many emails to different companies and I met with representatives from different companies but I don't know what SA companies thinks, no one bother to reply my emails and no...
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    MWEB Premium 4MB connection preformance

    I am using MWEB 4MB connection and even I am not getting 1MB. I spoke to their customer services but they advised me to change my line filter. I changed my filter even router and everything remain as it is. I thought Afrishot is a stable and a reliable ISP because it is on top...
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    Looking for NanoStation M2, M5 and NanoStation Loco M2

    Hello, I am looking for NanoStation M2, M5 or NanoStation Loco M2. Local UBNT distributors are out of stock since July and no sign for next arrival of ubnt stock before Jan 2014. :mad: Can anyone please guide me where to buy UBNT Nanos new or used? Thanks
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    Reselling Internet over Wireless Network (License)

    Hello, We want to be a internet reseller over Wi-Fi network. Do we require a license to sell internet access over a wireless network and license for 5.8Ghz frequency in South Africa? regards
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    MWeb Rude Customer Services with Wholesalers

    Hello, Me and my friend were interested to start a Virtual ISP and we choose MWeb. We visit their head office and discussed our requirements with their business sells and technical representatives. During the meeting they emphasise to sell their business packages but we were interested to...