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    Amazon opening data centres in South Africa

    Whoohoo so cool to see a dot on the map
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    Are all tempered glass screen protectors equal? iPhone 6s

    Haven't used one on my 5S or 6 Plus no issues so far.... EDIT : After reading the most I might get one though....
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    Tempered glass screen protector

    Haven't used screen protectors for some time now never had issues...
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    iSight Camera Replacement Program for iPhone 6 Plus

    Not affected pretty new phone so perhaps it was an older batch....
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    iOS 8.4 / Apple Music

    Pity this does not have a web interface... that would have sealed the deal for me!
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    iOS 8.4 / Apple Music

    Was wondering the same I do have a few app purchases that I would lose... :(
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    iOS 8.4 / Apple Music

    Agreed quite annoyed at this...
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    iOS 8.4 / Apple Music

    Had the same issue... also thought it was a bit of a cheat... I should be able to use three month free without credit in my account. I am also on US store and this is the first time I wished I was not.
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    Afrihost Mobile for farm

    So I am moving to a farm just outside of Leandra in Mpumalanga, now I need to consider internet connectivity! I looked at VSat but it seems dang expensive and the fair use policies are ludicrous. So far the best option I have found is Afrihost Mobile 20gig for around 900 bucks. I will need to...
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    VSat option

    Hi Guys, I am looking for an option on a farm, ideally something uncapped had a look at IBurst VSat but the Fair Use policy kills it for me, their 1Meg (so dog slow already) option has a 3 Gig FOP after which you a throttled to 128K! I saw some other options like Yaclick and so on but they...
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    iPhone 4 replacement battery?

    Is it worth it ?
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    Anonymous South Africa ?!?

    I think this is the funniest thing I have seen this year! WOW I am at a loss for words...
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    Amazon Fire Phone 32GB Factory Unlocked [S]

    Item name : Amazon Fire Phone 32 GB Factory Unlocked Age and condition: New in box Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes (With Amazon) Reason for selling: Got this at a Conference not using it. Price:4000 Negotiable: Yes Location:Sandton Shipping or collection: For buyers account...
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    Feel good story for this Friday... Gogo sells bed to pay for studies..

    Source : Now you study hard boy you hear me!!!
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    Alienware Steam Machine

    Would love one of these : Would unfortionately probably cost more than my car in SA....:erm:
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    Netflix on RaspBMC

    Hi Guys, I have XBMC running on a Rasberry Pi, works great for media on a HDD. I have done some reading but cant seem to find a solution to get Netflix onto a Rasberri Pi ? Seems Netflix uses silverlight ? Any idea as to whether there is a way to do this ? Thanks a stack!
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    iphone 5s 4g

    If you change the phone to only connect on 3G is it any better ? Also are you in a 4G area ? EDIT : Spent the Christmas at my folks on a farm they only have 3G (at times haha) and battery was still fine...
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    iphone 5s 4g

    Yup thats fine mine is also. I know they had to enable LTE on my account, I could check it on the website I am on Vodacom SP.
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    iphone 5s 4g

    Nope I have a 5S no issues, what I did find in the beginning is that if LTE or 4G is not enabled on your contract the phone will try and connect all the time and drain the battery, my wife's Galaxy Note 2 would not connect at when in an LTE area at all untill they fixed it. So my advice would...
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    Steam OS

    SteamOS Not sure where to post this, could be under Linux,Gaming or News.. I am an avid Valve fan, and have been using steam quite a bit over the last few years, so the release of SteamOS is quite interesting. Check out : So your thoughts on this...