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  1. R outgoing email issue

    Good day I'm trying to help a lady who can receive email on her iPad but can't send. She has a email address and can send and receive when she's at home (Telkom ADSL) but as soon as she's off the Telkom network she can't send emails from this address. The error message says: "The...
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    App development

    Anyone tried their hand at iOS app development? I'm keen to try and am looking for a good "beginner" book. I'm also trying to decide if I should go for an MacBook Pro or an iMac. Any suggestions?
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    iTunes gift cards without the middle man

    G'day! Over the weekend I discovered that you can get iTunes gift cards from with digital delivery (i.e. they email you the voucher code) even if you don't live in the US. Just search for "iTunes digital delivery" on their site. You're paying the face value of the voucher. Best Buy...
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    The Guardian - Free subscription till mid January

    Try out newsstand with this...
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    Settings >> Mobile Data

    G'day! Anyone see this before: I'm referring particularly to the Mobile Data menu option. This is one of a number of iPads supplied by DigiCape. It won't connect to the internet on 3G. My iPad says Cellular Data. Could this be a Verizon model? Any ideas?
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    Addictive UConnect free at the moment

    This one is a keeper... try not get hooked ;)
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    Angry Birds HD is on Sale

    I you, like me are tight fisted with your Apple credit and have been holding out for Angry Birds HD to go on sale, wait no longer...
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    For those of you with kids: The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin for iPad is on sale

    Loud Crow Interactive have put PopOut! The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin for iPad on sale for 24 hours. It's normally $4.99, now going for $0.99
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    Check this free app from Gameloft out

    GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+ HD Gameloft Category: Games Updated: Jul 12, 2011
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    Big Sale on Apps

    Hope you have lots of credit on your account... it's Independence Day weekend and there are loads of bargains on the app store, have a look here for some:
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    AirPrint capable laser printer for +-R1500

    Good news for those looking to do AirPrint proper... I've just received an HP P1606dn which can be attached directly to a network and also supports duplexing. I decided to check for a firmware update and discovered that the update enables AirPrint!!! I have previously hacked AirPrint but this...
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    iPad2 + Cell C + Data Usage

    Yesterday I bought myself the Cell C 24GB sim (not modem) for R999 + R10 for a micro-sim. Here's what I've learned so far... the 1st month is "free" so basically you're getting 13 months, you can also check your data balance in Settings. Go to: Settings >> Cellular Data >> SIM Applications >>...
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    Memorial Day weekend App specials

    Hello boys and girls. In case you don't know, it's Memorial Day weekend in the States this weekend and a lot of good iPad apps are on special (for those of you with an American account). Have a look here: and here: and...
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    Does Wi-Fi take preference over 3G when available

    Hello If you're iPad has both 3G and Wi-Fi access, will it give preference to the Wi-Fi network? If not, if there any way to get it to do so? Thanks
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    How are you discovering new apps

    Hello! I have been watching iPadToday on for a while now and have found them to be a good source for app reviews. I've also recently come across What other websites are worth following?
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    iPad 2 coming soon!?!?!?

    Could this mean we'll be getting the iPad 2 soon? "Apple rolled out iPads to 25 more countries at the end of March, and will be placing them in 13 additional countries in the week ahead." Mashable: iPad 2 demand
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    MacBook Air not booting

    Hi guys To start, my Mac experience is VERY limited... my boss has a MacBook Air which needs to be upgrade from 10.5.8 to Snow Leopard to run Dragon Dictate. He never shuts the machine down... a colleague of mine decided to reboot before starting the upgrade. Now the machine won't boot. I've...
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    Kindle 6" 2nd (D00701) Not Connecting to Whispernet

    G'day! A friend of mine has a kindle which isn't picking up a network signal. Is anyone else experiencing a problem? She's in East London. Which network does Amazon use? Thanks Rob Free shipping from the UK on millions of new books!
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    AS400 Hardware - What's it worth

    G'day! We've got a couple of "retired" servers gathering dust. There details are as follows: Type 9401 SN44-C6248 Type 9406 SN44-H1345 They weren't ever used so that are "Like New" ;) What are these worth and where could I try sell them? Thanks Rob Free shipping from the UK...
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    Can't use 3G while connected to the LAN

    Good day all I've got a silly problem. My work laptop is a HP ProBook 4520s running Windows 7 Pro. These units come with a built-in 3G modem. If I fire up the modem I can't use it to go online while I'm plugged into the network. I have to either unplug the machine from the network or remove...