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  1. Qrox

    Subscription Model for Car features

    For me that also feels like getting cheated. If all the features / materials / components are already in the car then they should be available. If I remember correctly its already happening with Tesla, where people are unlocking the locked speed, etc for a fraction of the price that Tesla are...
  2. Qrox

    The Premium PC Games For Free Thread

    What time of day is that for SA? I always get these time conversions wrong.
  3. Qrox

    FNB to stop issuing cheques to South African customers

    It amazes me that America still uses such a primitive form of banking. It seems like they are way, way behind when it comes to banking if you compare it to what we have here.
  4. Qrox

    What's some of the best Anime you've watched and why? - Looking for recommendations

    Want to kill a couple of months? One Piece. The older style animation at the start of the show might put you off initially, but the story just gets better the further you get. Still one of my favorite shows. Boku no Hero Academia is also one of my favorites right now.
  5. Qrox

    Dead PC

    If you have a old power supply somewhere, then try booting it with that. I don't know what kind of motherboard you have, but some motherboards have power on / off buttons straight on the board. If yours has that and it still doesn't do anything when you press that, then I would guess its your...
  6. Qrox

    Do you prefer to use plastic or paper straws?

    Drinking a milkshake through a paper straw is just wrong. And forget about it if you want a double thick milkshake. Works somewhat with a metal straw but if its something like a barone shake they just clog up since the metal staws are generally quite thin.
  7. Qrox

    AMD GPUs are outselling Nvidia

    Its not that Nvidia were slightly ahead, they were miles ahead of AMD. The gap is getting smaller, but AMD still don't have anything to challenge Nvidia in the high end market. At the end of the year I'm getting the best card I can afford and I'm not expecting AMD to bring anything stronger than...
  8. Qrox

    Big Giveaway - Win an Amazon Kindle and an Amazon Fire TV stick

    The amount of data on the package