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  1. lkswan747

    Huge fines for motorists who don't pay e-tolls

    Considering the cost of car license renewals, it may work out cheaper to not renew and chances are that you will get away with it for a very long time as traffic law enforcement is non existent and open to bribery for those willing to partake in corrupt practices. The muppet's in power are so...
  2. lkswan747

    Cost for repairing fibre optic cable

    Spoke to a Vumatel installer this morning and asked what the cost would be to move the CPE or could I do it myself. He said, I can take a chance and move it myself, but if the fibre cable is damaged I will be charged for a new installation.
  3. lkswan747

    Denel needs money – and warns over South Africa’s ability to defend itself

    Well, don't we all need money and low and behold, the average law abiding citizen is also struggling to defend themselves.
  4. lkswan747

    Think My Router Maybe Fried Pleaee Help

    If the adapter you used was of a higher voltage, then the chances are that something has popped. If the voltage was the same but the amperage was a little higher, then it should not have blown anything. There does not seem to be a load of electronic repair shops anymore! It will probably be...
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    Think My Router Maybe Fried Pleaee Help

    Generally not worth the effort on consumer grade routers!
  6. lkswan747

    SIU identifies 5,523 Eskom officials for disciplinary action in graft probes

    Oh to dream, the impossible dream! This does not necessarily mean that there will be jail time for most of the thieving bastardages. We will still be hit with ridiculous tariff hikes! :mad:
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    (Swap) iPhone 6S 64GB

    What Ubiquiti kit do you have?
  8. lkswan747

    (Swap) iPhone 6S 64GB

  9. lkswan747

    Wifi Speed

    Specific details regarding current router and network would be a good starting point to get some answers as well as posting in the correct forum.
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    (Swap) iPhone 6S 64GB

    Looks like a deal has been struck. Should know by Tuesday or Wednesday.
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    Do you keep pets?

    3 Dogs 3 Cats 2 Tortoises The only thing missing is the Partridge and pear tree :laugh:
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    (Swap) iPhone 6S 64GB

    iPhone 6S 64GB Silver in excellent condition Original packaging with unused original accessories Battery Health @ 92% IOS 14 To swap for any of the following working, good condition items: Ubiquiti 8 Port Gigabit 4 PoE 60W UniFi Switch | US-8-60W or Ubiquiti UniFi Dual Band AC Long Range AP |...
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    How to resign

    Congratulations and all the best of luck with your adventure. :thumbsup:
  14. lkswan747

    ‘We will rename cities, and remove offensive statues’ – Cyril Ramaphosa

    Next thing to be looked at is the alphabet! The letters W, M and C will be removed!
  15. lkswan747

    Taxpayers should foot the bill for a R1,500 basic income grant in South Africa: unions

    Think, what is this word think? Eish, you speak foreign!
  16. lkswan747

    Nissan 1400 champ recovery by SAPS airwing

    Oh, how I love seeing the bad guys being taken down! Well Done SAPS, at least there are still guys and girls who take pride in their job. :thumbsup::thumbsup: