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  1. adamr

    PayPal - how to send UK pounds

    PayPal - How to send UK pounds from a dollar based account PayPal instructions dont seem to apply to SA based accounts ? ... Or if i send USD will the recipient PayPal account that is in UK pounds convert it to UK pounds
  2. adamr

    Metro Fibre - SLA to repair fibre break at home

    So I'm doing some home renovations and despite me telling the contractors to be careful of the fibre point ... They snapped the optic cable from the fibre termination box. Phoned Metro fibre to come and fix this and I am told 3-4 working days ? Is this sla the norm with other fibre providers ...
  3. adamr

    Port to Vodacom Red Professional+ business contract nightmare

    Really need help on this one. Just took out a business contract with Vodacom on a professional red contract. Gave my number to the online consultant and received SMSes confirming this ... Sms first with the pin; then an SMS stating a port was received and I have 40min to reply stop if it was not...
  4. adamr

    le Creuset

    who has the best prices and range on Le Creuset pots. looking at getting at 26cm round and a 29cm oval
  5. adamr

    TP-Link TL-WPA8730KIT Dual Band Gigabit AC1750 Powerline

    Item: TP-Link TL-WPA8730KIT Dual Band Gigabit AC1750 Powerline. Ideal for a home that has 100mb internet connection Age: bought 19 Jan 2018 Price: R1300. This is R2500 odd retail Warranty: Expired Packaging: Yes, all included box manual extras. Also includes plug adaptors so nothing more you...
  6. adamr

    Asus DSL AC-68U Fibre/xDSL Modem/Router AC1900

    Item: Asus DSL AC-68U AC1900 dual band Age: Bought 6 Jan 2015 Price: R2500 Warranty: Expired Packaging: Yes have all the packaging Condition: like new no damage and it works flawlessly Location: Fourways/Sandton Reason: downgraded to amplifi HD router Shipping: your cost, risk and...
  7. adamr

    Best way to reduce latency to US website

    Need some help please with this topic. If someone on metro fibre metrowork can test their latency from Cape town to a US based website ... Im in JHB and get 247ms to Also if someone has a VPN can they test latency with and without to a website served form the US ... Maybe same...
  8. adamr

    WARNING - EC Finance - Debit Fraud

    This month and last month an amount of R59.99 was debited to my account from EC Finance (SMS alert from FNB). I did request FNB last month to reverse the debit as i had no knowledge of it ... and they told me to do it myself. I got busy and this month noticed it again and did exactly that ...
  9. adamr

    iPhone 6 on Cell C

    I have a Cell C sim with my iphone 6 plus ... its a local stock phone (model: A1524) ... i only ever see the 3G symbol on the phone ... LTE is enabled. Should it be like this? if HSDPA would it show HSDPA or H+? with my Z2 it would show H+ ..
  10. adamr

    iphone 6 plus tempered glass

    I bought the body glove 6 plus tempered glass screen and placed it on the phone, perfectly lined up with zero dust ... was impressed. i placed it a mm too low. so decided to reapply it and bent the glass ... where can i find this body glove tempered glass in and around in jhb? fourways mall...
  11. adamr

    ipad2 issues after jailbreak

    is anyone having issues accessing the internet via wifi or 3G on their ipad 2's after jailbreaking it? .... now and again, my safari browser would just not load a site, but after a reboot it would work fine .... today though, i cant access the internet, email, no connectivity at all be it via...
  12. adamr

    Setting up iPad2 microsoft exchange help

    Ok I have this nifty ipad2, but for some reason when setting up my exchange settings to receive email.... I cannot receive any email! I can send email fine, but I just cannot receive anything. What gives? I am connecting over a cell c 3G connection. This is connecting to my work email
  13. adamr

    possible to check data balance on cell c network with ipad2???

    How do I check my data balance on my ipad2 with a cell c woosh sim ...
  14. adamr

    Error 8008 downloading iphone game

    im trying to download the fruit ninja game off itunes for my iphone 4 and getting this 8008 error after some time .... other apps are able to download, just his and the nike app giving this error ... i searched for fixes by deleting the temp file etc and have done so ... and still no luck :(
  15. adamr

    ipad 2, who has one?

    Anyone on the forum has an ipad 2 yet???? .... How much did u pay? And your views ...
  16. adamr

    iphone 4 OS4.2.1 unlock help

    i have updated my iphone 4 purchased from canada to 4.2.1 on itunes ... it was jailbroken before ... and now of course i get the "please insert carrier sim to activate" ... how can i unlock this phone? ... please someone help me ... i thought the new greenp0isen untethered jailbreak would unlock...
  17. adamr

    Get my VW Polo tomorrow

    ... hopefully get my pepper grey 1.6TDi polo tomorrow ... hope all goes well with no hassles ... R205k with cruise control ... wanted it at R200k ... so got a 5% discount ... still feel i over paid i see they charge these days for a thing called "on the road fee" ... geez ... they make...