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    Great experience - RF Design I have to just take this opportunity to say these guys are awesome, I haven't dealt with a more professional online store in ages. The sales guys are contactable via their cell phones and (as I did) if you get through to the wrong guy, you will still get helpful...
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    Openweb SPAM

    I am sick of all the openweb 'please pay your account' emails. They keep coming despite not having an account with them: You guys should know better! Surely one doesn't have to ask you to add an 'opt out' feature to the email... why the '' reply address? To protect...
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    Photography question

    Calling Bwana and everyone else who knows something about photography... I have a great prosumer camera with 12 optical zoom, 6Mp, etc. etc. It does great shots - zoom, macro, emulates various ISO ratings, etc. I was wondering if there was a way to get a macro shot without actually getting...