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    Mike Mangena -Drug Lord !!! :eek:
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    Ruan winning over the Scots

    Link Come back home Ruan. The Sharks are missing you :cry:
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    Rassie seeking new challenge Strange decision. I would have thought that he would have stayed and made the Stormers a force at Super Rugby level for many years to come. He probably wants some exposure in Europe...... the experience...
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    Possible link between fertiliser and Joost's disease

    Source Weird if scientists cant come up with more proof suggesting that fertilizer can cause ALS. Wonder how much time Joost has :(
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    Why we support the All Blacks Only in SA.:whistle:
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    Official Manchester City Supporters' Thread

    Am not sure that City supporters ( if there are any ) have a thread.:whistle: Also for all the haters...... this thread can be used to vent if City go the Chel$ki route and try to buy success:D:D:D