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  1. Johnatan56

    Skill battery replacement

    Anyone know where I can find a replacement? I found a slightly higher Ah on their site, but not finding a link to buy it anywhere: I found some battery packs, but at $25-30 before shipping it's cheaper just to buy a new...
  2. Johnatan56

    CMOS/case Speaker in CT

    Hi guys, anyone know where I can buy one in CT? To find international is easy, to find here, not so much. Any help? Computer Mania told me you can only get it with the mobo, which...
  3. Johnatan56

    Cool Ideas - Tl,dr; Terrible

    Here I am, 6 hours before my line is supposed to be cancelled, and already without internet. Should have expected it based on the past track record. A long time ago, while I was still less annoyed than I am now, I was on an OpenServe + Vox 100Mbps 300GB account, times were good, the cap lasted...
  4. Johnatan56

    Afrihost Cancellation Fee.

    I cancelled, receive an email and multiple SMS to confirm, yet still got debited: So then I tried to call, got told go to WhatsApp. Go onto your WhatsApp page, and that's useless. Note that it's definitely within the 0900-1700 hours. That red dot does indicate live, right? Nope. So I just...
  5. Johnatan56

    GitHub Announces that Free Accounts Now Can Create Private Repositories, Bash-5.0 Released, iPhone Apps Linked to Golduck Malware, Godot Game Engine..

    Haven't seen any article on this, put this in News as Mybroadband is a tech site and I think this is a quite nice development in regards to those of us who would rather not publicly publish their code while still having an external repo.
  6. Johnatan56

    Trade mark dispute

    Hi, due to a mess-up in domain ownership transfer, a site with a shortened version of the company name was taken over by someone else. According to Zadna: it is a R10 000 fee to lodge a dispute. Who ends up paying that R10k? Does the loser have to pay costs if we are successful? They also...
  7. Johnatan56

    Telkom Mobile OOB change

  8. Johnatan56

    How do joint mortgages work if a member has no credit record?

    So, "hypothetical" situation/scoping out. I'm currently a student, with no real income or credit record, with plans to study at least another two years for an IT NQF9 masters. My mother is nearing retirement age, with enough fixed assets in South Africa to pay for the full worth of the bond...
  9. Johnatan56

    Text mining - beginner material

    Thought I'd just make a thread in regards to gathering beginner material on text mining. seems quite good, web version of:
  10. Johnatan56

    AMD Zen 2 Engineering Sample - Why The 4.5GHZ Clock Speed Is Impressive

    A bit older, thought it interesting, seems the AMD Zen 2 engineering samples are able to hit 4.5 GHz all-core, so should be quite interesting to see what the next gen looks like. Currently in gaming scenarios they are about 15% behind the 2700X in single core performance versus the 8700K, so the...
  11. Johnatan56

    2 + 2 = 4, er, 4.1, no, 4.3... Nvidia's Titan V GPUs spit out 'wrong answers' in

    EDIT: The headline is slightly misleading, it's more to do with the non-determinate float calculations, they're a bit too inaccurate and it seems that it's an intermittent issue. This is what I've gathered from the below reddit discussion. Reddit discussion...
  12. Johnatan56

    Excel Forumula

    Excel Formula Hi, stuck on an excel problem. I am trying to get all unique values from a column, and add its corresponding right value as a sum at the end. So say you had: A B 1 x 20 2 y 15 3 x 80 4 t 43 5 y 120 The result should be...
  13. Johnatan56

    PHP mysqli db Connect

    Hi, I have a question in regards to best practice. Currently I have a php file called dbConnStart which starts the database connection: $serverName = "localhost"; $username = "root"; $password = ""; //create connection $conn = new mysqli($serverName, $username...
  14. Johnatan56

    Useful Bat Scripts

    Hi, I'd like to start a thread dedicated to useful bat scripts, hopefully keeping the first/second post as a table of contents to link to all the other scripts, to have an easy overview. TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1. Create multiple folders with same name + number #3 2. Index all folders within...
  15. Johnatan56

    Lenovo Y5070 Screen Replacement

    Hi, My Lenovo Y5070 screen has decided to turn green. And it's out of warranty, 1 year over in July. It is the the IPS version of the display...
  16. Johnatan56

    SQLite PreparedStatement java.sql.SQLException: The prepared statement has been final

    Hi guys, I am currently working on a project but can't seem to get past this error. I am using java to create/manipulate the SQLite database. This is the class that deals with the database code, here is the creation of the charge table: //create the charge table. try{...
  17. Johnatan56

    Java - set boolean to false if JTextField is selected

    Hi, I am trying to design a UI whereby the main point is that it can be operated by touch. I want to be able to select the top field, if selected set variable value to x, can type on the numpad. click on field2 and variable value changes to y, so the numpad will perform the check and add the...
  18. Johnatan56

    Open source database systems ebook

    Hi, does anyone know of an open source/free text book on database systems? It has to be for beginners. Thanks.
  19. Johnatan56

    Portable netbook/ultrabook

    Hi, my sister requires a netbook to take with to class that is portable, can run office and maybe a video at the same time. Battery life is important in that it has to last about 4-5 hours. The size requirement is about 11" or so. I am not familiar with cheap budget laptops and ran around...
  20. Johnatan56

    Medion X6815 battery

    Hi, does anyone know where I can get a battery for a Medion X6815 and if possible a universal charger that would work with it? My friend's charger broke and messed up the battery, he got a quick fix but needs to replace the battery as well (it doesn't hold a charge). On amazon I found this...