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  1. Bhoza

    How to remove Pesky Avira Antivirus

    Good day . To get straight to the point over a year ago I installed Avira antivirus and for what now seems like an eternity I cant fully uninstall the software and what makes matters worse is that after a while somehow it re-installs itself again. If you can help please do ....and thanks in...
  2. Bhoza

    PSX Top 5 games

    Greeting. Brief History about me I have always been a Sony boy, no bad feeling with Xbox but Playstion just dose it for me. Anyway I've had a PS2, PSP, PS3, and PS Vita Briefly . During this lockdown, though I've started checking out the PSX catalog through simulators and I'm impressed with the...
  3. Bhoza

    USB files getting corrupted how to solve

    Good day, I have a problem with media I have sent to my USB stick it just keeps getting corrupted . Detailed break down is as follows I'm using a laptop with windows 8. Sending the media to an 8 gig USB stick, using DVD to play the media sow I convert all the media(videos) to MPG format. After...
  4. Bhoza

    Wifi network limited problem

    Hi the sow recently my laptop just started acting out on me .All wifi networks I connect too don't have a strong reliable signal (slow Internet surfing ) ,and at times it dose not even connect . When it dose though I always get the massage "network limited" even on my trusted network providers...
  5. Bhoza

    Routers, new dial up profile, sim unlocking.

    Hi sow about two months ago I bought a Huawei R218h router at a reasonably low price but the only catch they said it could only be used with a Vodacom SIM .I took it any way hoping that I could easily unlock it . Two months down the line I'm still stuck .I first tried finding the unlock code...