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    Big End Bearing Modification - Risk?

    Hi guys, Now I know we have quite a few knowledgeable car experts on this forum, so I thought I will post this here. The engine in discussion: 1600 Ford RoCam I recently had a mod done to the nose of my crank to allow for a thicker (read stronger) input shaft on my gearbox. When I...
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    Historic Racing

    Hi guys, The second round of the Midas Historic tour is happening this weekend at Zwartkops raceway, near Erasmia. The following classes will be racing: Historic Single Seaters TAR Pre-1966 Production / Sports & GT “Little Giants Series” Pre-1974 Genie ISP / METAL Used Spares...
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    A+ International Exams

    Hi, where can I do my international A+ Exams without attending any courses or any other rubbish. I have the cousre material, I just need to do the exams. Anyone? Thanks
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    BIG Ferrari day tomorrow @ Kyalami This is going to be awesome!!! :D
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    Formula 1 Coming to SA in 2011

    A VERY reliable source told me that Formula 1 would be coming to South Africa in 2011 :cool::cool::D:D According to my source, the race will be hosted at the Kyalami grand prix circuit. The track will be closed in 2010 for upgrades to the amount of R150mil. There will also be a new 6...