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    The Shroom Thread

    I just make a tea out of the shrooms. Eliminates practically all of the nausea. Works great.
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    US Election 2020 - Pt 3

    Really interesting how quiet the Leftist media is on this.
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    Mboweni on South Africa’s R70 billion IMF loan

    Translation: We borrowed money rather than reduce corruption.
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    Jeffrey Epstein: US financier 'charged with sex trafficking'

    The Guardian for one, Miami Herald for another. The Miami Herald has raised the question of why the redactions at all.
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    Jeffrey Epstein: US financier 'charged with sex trafficking'

    They redacted some of the names, but people have already figured out that Clinton and Prince Andrew feature prominently.
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    Jeffrey Epstein: US financier 'charged with sex trafficking'

    Trump hasn't had contact with Epstein in 15 years. Remind me which former president flew on the Lolita Express 27 times? That's right, Clinton. I think if Trump had flown on that jet, we would know.
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    Jeffrey Epstein: US financier 'charged with sex trafficking'

    Interestingly, they have been released. You know whose name appears? Bill Clinton. You know whose name doesn't appear? Donald Trump. Not surprised. My condolences to Ghislaine Maxwell's...
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    Whisk(e)y Lovers thread

    I could have bought Johnny Walker Green for £30. Now it has gone back up to £40.
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    Hypothetical Abortion Scenario

    She gets 3 months to change her mind, but he gets 3 seconds. Totally fair.
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    Pope endorses civil union laws for same-sex couples

    I also find this weird. God is eternal and unchanging right? And His word is infallible. So, did he misspeak? Or was he misquoted?
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    US Election 2020 - Pt 3

    Please. How many presentation slides have been leaked stating that whites will always be racist? Do I really have to dig up examples for you?
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    This is why you can no longer spend your eBucks at Makro

    I worked with somebody who used to work at FNB. I can't remember exactly what he said about the subject, but something like Makro were unhappy because people used to come with R5000 vouchers or something. Actually I can't remember whether FNB or Makro were unhappy, but I remember him saying...
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    Retrenchment / Company Shenanigans

    Yeah, report this to anyone that might be interested. Sounds very dodgy. You've got nothing to lose by reporting it.
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    US Election 2020 - Pt 3

    Yes, it is. There are countless slides taken from training material on the matter. White people are said to be irredeemably racist, that it is impossible for white people to not be racist. This is why Trump banned it.
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    Anti-Trump CNN pundit Jeffrey Toobin ‘masturbated on Zoom call with colleagues

    You know the interesting thing is that if you went back in time 20 years, you'd probably be centre or even left. The problem is that the Left has gone so far left, that anyone with remotely normal beliefs is now far right.
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    US Election 2020 - Pt 3

    Then you disagree with critical race theory, which says that all whites are racist and will always be racist.
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    US Election 2020 - Pt 3

    Reading it again, it outright states it: So, not implied. Stated.
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    US Election 2020 - Pt 3

    The article implies/states that there were pictures of underage girls found on the hard drive. As long as you don't Toobin off over this!
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    Bad service from THE CURRIER GUY

    Old one got a slow puncture?
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    US Election 2020 - Pt 3

    "But but but but its fake! But but but but but its Russian interference! But but but but it was hacked, so you can't release it!" EDIT: If the State Police do find images of underage girls, then some serious questions need to be asked of the FBI.