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    WATCH | Runaway fires destroy 100 000ha of Free State farmland

    This happens when the most uneducated citizens decide who runs a country.
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    'Coloured' teacher on fraud charge for saying he was 'African'

    I am a white African , Born in Africa so Africa is in my blood.
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    Experts respond to proposed tax increases in South Africa

    ANC has looted our coffers for years, we are beyond the point of return. Covid was a saving grace for them, they can blame all the economic problems on Covid. Increasing taxes is like treating gangrene with detol , simply wont work long term because the real rot (ANC) will remain.
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    Vox Pure DSL?

    I am also thinking about going this route but i have some concerns.. I currently have a 40MB VDSL line with telkom , for me to apply for this service i need to cancel my telkom line, this means i would have to give telkom a 30 day notice for cancellation , then once its cancelled i would have...
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    ITNT Capped DSL Feedback

    I signed up for a 150gb account with these guys while i wait for telkom to activate my uncapped home premium account and somehow i managed to use a full 150gb in 4 days forcing me to top up another 20gb wich only lasted one day. I find this very suspect because i was surviving on a 200gb capped...
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    SA debt will rise by R37.8 billion if labour unions force government to honour public service wage deal

    Sad truth of the matter is our debt will most likely grow far beyond an additional 38billion , Union bosses also need to live the good life and workers wont pay them if they dont put up a fight so just be prepared for this , if you have savings then try get it offshore.
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    Printer: Laser or Inkjet

    Buy a laser printer and when you run out of toner throw it away and buy another new laser printer, works out cheaper than buying 4 toner cartriges!
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    RTX 3080

    There were leaks of future upgraded models of the 3080 with additional ram , looks like nvidia is waiting for the Navi to be released.
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    The Great Free State Asbestos Project Heist

    Small fish going down to make it look like the big fish are dealing with corruption...
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    RTX 3080

    What card are you using?
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    Ramaphosa says structural reform critical in responding to jobs crisis

    So far they are off to a good start structurally reforming the train stations in Gauteng.
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    RTX 3080

    Believe they just down tuned the cards to run below 2000mhz.
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    Stripped bare

    Let the radical economic transformation continue....
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    RTX 3080

    I believe its way too early to be speculating why the cards are crashing, there are so many factors that could contribute. There are reports that these crashes could be linked to the power cable splitters that are being used to power the cards. BTW i see wootware has some Palit 3080 pre...
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    Zimbabwe’s evicted white farmers offered $3.5bn payout

    I guess you not counting the thousands of farmers whose souls were evicted from their lifeless bodies?.
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    WATCH: Queer activists occupy lavish Camps Bay residence for 'safe space' usage

    Sounds like a nice holiday filled with diving.
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    SA's secret fuel sale

    Yes this happened around the same time that Glencore handed over optimum colliery to the Zupta crime family for a pittance, if i were to speculate i would say the oil deal was the sweetener to get glencore to hand over optimum for a fraction of its worth.
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    RTX 3080

    I feel you but just remember when you import yourself then you take on all the risk , if that card is faulty then you will have to send it back to the supplier you purchased it from to get your warranty , shipping costs back and forth. Like everything in life , more risk more reward.
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    RTX 3080

    0% Duties on graphics cards or similar electronics. But you can add on transport or shipping if you planning to import $40 - $70.
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    Clicks apologise for ‘racially insensitive’ hair campaign

    Everyone focused on the damage caused to clicks's reputation but what about the irreparable damage caused to the image of white people?? , there are rumors going around that this ad was designed and commissioned by black employees not whites but whites in s.a are paying the price because the EFF...