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    Tito Mboweni allocates R10.5 billion to SAA

    3 Months time another bailout required as Christmas bonuses got to be paid soon. Lets see how much gets used for retrenchment packages. RINSE WASH REPEAT.
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    Union threatens SABC with total blackout

    Please give us the blackout. See if anyone actually cares.
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    PBO proposes new tax on digital services

    The government is getting desperate now. All available revenue streams are starting to dry up. They are imagining new schemes to help keep the trough full . Your time is up now.
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    Ramaphosa's 4-step plan to fix South Africa

    Lets just make the public sector wage bill bigger. The same hot air for the past 25 years. Nothing new here. Moving on.
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    R2.1-billion Post Office ecommerce tender battle

    Cant even deliver locally and now big export plans. Learn to walk first.
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    Government's unveils new digital skills strategy

    I smell a TENDER for the future laptops to be stolen again. Lets learn how to read and write before taking huge steps. At varsity 1st year maths 400 students. At the end of 3rd year less that 40. Will the coding and AI be taught in all 11 languages. The government doesn't have a cooking CLUE.
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    How DStv can help fix South Africa's TV licence saga

    Do your JOBS and stop asking the private sector to help you all the time.
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    Treasury seeks money to bail out SAA - Albeit reluctantly

    Salaries for the next 3 months to be secured. WASH RINSE REPEAT
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    You can name South Africa's next airline

    WWIBB Airlines When Will It Be Bankrupt Airlines
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    These are all of the new level 1 lockdown rules

    Nobody care what she says. DOEKKOP is S A Most hated citizen
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    DStv responds to government’s plan to make popular sports free to watch

    The only way this government provides anything is if its FREE. The SABC is so broke that it cant afford to buy anything.
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    SABC at risk of collapse

    When you are bloated and not competitive and your biggest source of INCOME are BAILOUTS what else do these idiots expect?
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    SAA needs funds by next week to continue operating

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    This is how much it will cost to beat load-shedding using solar panels

    If you have a rechargeable light you are beating load shedding.
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    These are the South Africans who have taken the global tech industry by storm

    Sad , as most of them saw no opportunities in South Africa. Elon left about 30 years ago so we don't really have any claim to fame as he saw no future here. He was born here and that's it.
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    Government has revoked the permission for powerships to provide electricity to South Africans

    No trough to fill with endless delays and corrupt tenders. Fixed price electricity does not suit the CADRES. The price you see is the price you pay. If they use the powerships its like admitting DEFEAT and that they have failed. Actually they have FAILED DISMALLY.