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    FTTH WiFi – the full nine yards: A look into challenges beyond the last mile
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    The Good the Bad & the Ugly
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    The new ViBE enabled Billion router & a chef from McDonalds

    For all those following the ViBE ( Voice Over Internet Broadband Enhancement) story, things are definitely moving forward. ViBE with its ability to optimize bandwidth, simultaneously run voice & data using byte level QoS, bond multiple WAN links, support seamless failover & send duplicate...
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    TWINE, inovative Wi-Fi gadget !

    Really cool Wi-Fi sensor Every so often you stumble across something that grabs your attention, TWINE is such a device. It is basically a sensor that can monitor moisture, temperature, vibration, movement and more and give you feedback via email or Twitter ect. This device is very small and new...
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    The village Telco 'Mesh Potato' finally gets FCC & CE type approval !

    Good news for all who are following the Village Telco project. The Mesh Potato gained FCC & CE type approval last week ! The mesh potato is a open mesh Wi-Fi AP, in fact it is a DIY telephone tool kit that runs openWRT (Linux) , A2billing (LAMP) on Asterisk to create low cost, scaleable...