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  1. Lord Farquart

    Alienware M17 and AGA issue??

    Setup is an Alienware M17 with 2070 GPU connected to Alienware Graphics Amplifier with a 1080 GPU in it. Anyone know if it is possible for the laptop to detect if the AGA is connected, and then to disable the 2070. When AGA not connected, then it must revert to the 2070. The issue we have is...
  2. Lord Farquart

    Tragic data shows capital fleeing along with jobs Next time someone asks why only three of every 10 adults have jobs in the formal sector, ask what their country did to scare investment and jobs away. In total, only four out of 10 adults are...
  3. Lord Farquart

    RIP Mario

    Guy who inspired Super Mario dead. RIP
  4. Lord Farquart


    Ever rubbed the side of your nose with your finger and smelt your finger? Who gets a whiff of cheesecurls?
  5. Lord Farquart

    Lego Mindstorm NXT

    Item: Lego Mindstorm NXT Age:5 years Warranty:None Packaging: Orignal, but worn. Condition:Complete and working as it should be. No batteries included. Location:Midrand/Sunninghill Reason:Not using Shipping: Not if I can help it, but I guess so. Collection:Yuuuup Price:R3200...