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    Xbox One X - Local gaming

    Hi there, I've collected my Xbox One X just before Christmas, being new to console gaming I'd like to know if there are gaming options which allow you to setup a local (RSA) multiplayer instead of connecting to the standard servers abroad. Tx
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    Is Game of Thrones Sexist?

    Warning: this article contains spoilers for those not up to date with Game of Thrones season six. And some vulgar language. "In some ways, Game of Thrones’ established formula is emblematic of a wider cultural shift that allows for more open-minded attitudes to sex. Yet, the series also...
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    Google has been tracking Smartphone users everywhere they go

    I had NO idea Google was logging my trips, but I think the truly scary part is that the pics I took on my trips are linked to that trip!? I use Google photos to backup pics... "Google has been tracking Smartphone users everywhere they go, indicating trips with a red dot on a map to mark and...
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    Tablet with Windows 8 and Android (dual boot)

    Hi all, I am looking to get a tablet but I wish to install both Windows and Android on it. Has anyone managed to do this successfully? Thanks
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    How to certify your CK documents

    Hi, I need to have 2 businesses CK documents certified but the only copies I have are soft copies as there are NO ORIGINAL registration documents. This is because CIPC emails the completed registration documents in a digital format and can therefore be printed in any colour or on any type of...
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    Best International Host?

    Hi all, I'm looking for the Best international host (as many others are), I've been using Their 24/7 service is excellent. And the Expert package is really all you will ever need. But delivery has been less than satisfactory typical issues: poor load times / database...