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    Netflix R250 voucher

    Item: R250 Netflix voucher Price: R200 Delivery: text. Selling Netflix SA voucher
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    SARS compliant invoice software

    I have a gardener/handyman and sometimes I use him to fix stuff at the apartment that I’m renting out. I currently paying him in cash but I’m thinking of getting him a bank account so I can eft him the cash so theres an audit trail. Currently he doesn’t invoice me but what I want to do is to...
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    Looking for Handyman

    Anyone know any good reliable handyman to fix odd jobs like fixing cupboards, installing cupboards etc around Fourways. I usually paid my handyman about R200 a day, provide meals and on odd weeks give him some food for the weekend.
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    Pecanwood property

    Thinking of buying property around pecanwood in about a year or two times depending on price. Anyone living there or at a golf estate? I know the levies are insane there. About 5-6k a month. It’s just a feeler because I rate prices for those residential estate will drop significantly because the...
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    Is your section 12J investment dead?

    I was gonna invest in some money in some s12J funds in February. Glad I didn’t. Was wondering has anyone invested in then? How’s your return especially after this virus. Most of these funds target the hospitality group and small tech startup. So you pretty my screwed since they rely on tourism...
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    Wuhan virus

    Hi guys I booked a flight with discovery last year to fly to Bangkok in April. Thinking of canceling my flight due to the virus. Do you think the insurance will reimburse me. I used my discovery black credit card. So I think I think I’m covered. It’s with Emirates. I don’t mind rather going...
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    Credit record/credit card

    Hi I work for a Fortune 500 American multinational that offers an employee share scheme where you basically get 15% discount on the selling price between two certain periods. I have taken this offer and the company deducts a portion of my salary each month and buys the shares. What I might...
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    Gap cover

    Anyone have recommendation for a good Gap provider? Need cover that extends to my parents or grand mother?
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    Excessive electricity cost Landlord/Tenant

    Hi all. I own a place in a complex which I am renting out. The tenant is paying like 3k on prepaid electricity. The body corporate has inspected the meter. The metering appears to be in working order however I suspect the usage might include the neighbor or maybe an extra geyser. I was...
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    Credit scores compuscan and Transunion.

    I downloaded tymecoach and africanbank/pulse and checked and my credit score on both of the apps. It appears my credit score looks better on tymecoach than pulse. My credit score is 691/730 on tyme. And about 690/999 on African bank/pulse. Seems like Transunion uses a stricter credit methodology
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    Fica owner of sim card

    Hi guys. Theres someone who is harassing a friend by sending personal sms. When i call the number it goes to voice mail. Is there a way to find out who is the owner of this number or any other details.
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    Custom Boxes

    Hi Guys A friend wants to start selling sushi. Was wondering does anyone know a place where they design and manufacture small boxes to put the sushi in with her branding in JHB. If you can give me a ballpark on the pricing, will be appreciated. Something like this